The Pokemon Legends Arceus hype is live, with Twitch streamers already jumping in with live streams!

Pokemon Legends Arceus is officially out in some territories, and fans are having a great time with it on Twitch. This Pokemon is the refreshing change many gamers were asking for the franchise.

It introduces many action and adventure gameplay elements mixed with the classic turned-based formula fans are familiar with.

There are already some gamers questioning if Pokemon Legends Arceus graphics. However, this is not stopping fans from enjoying the game.

All this change has many fans excited to try out all the new mechanics Pokemon Legends Arceus has in store.

To start exploring Hisui, some Twitch and YouTube streamers have already started live streams!

Twitch and YouTube Streamers Are Live With Pokemon Legends Arceus Streams

Pokemon Legends Arceus is already picking up the pace with many YouTube, and Twitch streamers already live streaming content for their audience.

Twitch has already added Pokemon Legends Arceus to its categories. So far, Legends Arceus has 116K viewers and 21k followers on the Twitch platform alone.

YouTube Gaming reaches 81K viewers on its streams for Pokemon Legends Arceus.

Furthermore, some gamers have jumped in with full playthroughs of Pokemon Legends Arceus on Twitch!

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YouTube streamers are not far behind. Thus, full playthrough promises are already flooding the platform.

Also, some streams are already getting hundreds of viewers that are happy to see what Legends Arceus has in store for them.

Some streamers are very happy to experience the new gameplay experience presented in Pokemon Legends Arceus.

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As well, other streamers are happy with the new action mechanics and overall gameplay.

Some YouTube streamers are even shiny hunting already!

If you want to start your own journey in Hisui, these are perfect guides to begin!

Lastly, recent insider reports claim Pokemon Legends Arceus might get DLC in the future.

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