Under certain conditions, there is a big chance that you can swap a shiny Pokemon in the overworld for another shiny one of a different species in Legends Arceus.

Pokemon Legends Arceus has undoubtedly created a revolution for the franchise. Even though this entry in the Pokemon saga sets its story in the distant past, its gameplay feels relatively modern.

Gamefreak revamped the overall mechanics of the game. Think something like the Wild Areas, but with a lot more freedom.

Although, the overworld in Pokemon Legends Arceus could certainly be better, according to some players. Many gamers have already criticized Pokemon Legends Arceus’ graphics.

Nevertheless, the gameplay loop is so rewarding that many have ignored this lack of graphical fidelity. Fans have played so much that many curious gimmicks about the game mechanics have surfaced.

Recently, a gamer shared a curious trick to swap shiny Pokemon in Legends Arceus’ overworld on YouTube.


Best Way to Swap Shiny Pokemon in Legends Arceus Overworld

YouTuber Austin John Plays tested a method to swap shiny Pokemon in Legends Arceus’ overworld under certain conditions.

This method successfully allowed him to swap a shiny Pokemon for another shiny one of a different species in the overworld by following several steps.

Due to the nature of the method, the YouTuber does not recommend that you try this trick out if the Pokemon you encounter is a shiny you do not have already.

These are the steps required to attempt a shiny swap in Pokemon Legends Arceus successfully:

  • Find a shiny Pokemon in the overworld*
  • Set a marker in your map where the shiny Pokemon spawned
  • Get more than 130 meters away from the mark you set on your map
  • Turn off auto save in your settings
  • Save your game
  • Wait until the cycle of the day or night completely changes (if you find your shiny at night, wait for day to come, and if you found it during day, wait till night)
  • Once the day/night cycle is complete, save once again
  • Close the game and start it again
  • Now, go to the area that you marked in your map where you first discovered the shiny Pokemon, it should now be a different species but still shiny

*Please note that this method only works if the shiny Pokemon you first encounter despawns during the day and night cycle.

Keep in mind you will need to first find a shiny Pokemon for this trick to work. Fortunately, there are several ways to increase your odds of getting a shiny Pokemon in Legends Arceus.

In his video, Austin John Plays successfully swapped a shiny Drifloon for a Starly. According to him, a Twitch streamer could swap a Glameow for a Murkrow.

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This method will be handy for those shiny hunters who found a shiny they already own, but it also happens to be a Pokemon that despawns during the day/night cycle.

Speaking of a nice trick in Pokemon Legends Arceus, a gamer recently discovered a glitch that allows you to climb steep slopes with ease.

Also, if you are already close to finishing your adventure un Hisui, there is some good news! Recent leaks suggest that an upcoming DLC could add up to 158 new Pokemons.

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