The ability to ride a Pokemon is a long time request for many fans and it has finally become a reality in Pokemon Legends Arceus!

Pokemon fans are excited to explore the Hisui region. For the first time in the franchise, players are able to explore a massive region without the restrain of routes or set paths.

Additionally, Legends Arceus is the first glimpse of a distant past in the Pokemon universe. The Hisui region is what will eventually become the Sinnoh region.

Furthermore, Legends Arceus brings new mechanics like mounts, gliders, new battle systems, and, of course, new Pokemon.

Mounts are certainly one of the biggest selling points for many gamers. You are finally able to ride Pokemon on Legendes Arceus and it is very simple to do so.

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How to use Mounts in Pokemon Legends Arceus

All you need to summon a mount to ride a Pokemon in Legends Arceus is receive and use the Celestica Flute.

As you progress in your adventure in Hisui, you will receive this useful item. To summon and ride a Pokemon in Legends Arceus follow these steps:

  • You will need to befriend special ride Pokemon first
  • Once you befriend them, their icon will show up in the lower-righ hand side of your screen
  • Use your D-Pad left and right buttons to select the mount you want to summon
  • Once you have selected the icon, press the + button to use the Celestica flute and summon the Pokemon you want

Remember that there is no need to have the Pokemon you want to ride in your party on Arceus Legends. The Celestica flute will summon it for you regardless of you having that Pokemon on your team.

What Pokemon Can You Ride in Legends Arceus?

Unfortunately, you can not ride any Pokemon you want in Legends Arceus. The game has designated mounts that will become available at different points of the story.

Here are all the mounts available for you to ride in Arceus Legends:

  • Basculegion
  • Hisuian Braviary
  • Wyrdeer
  • Ursaluna
  • Sneasler

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Already befriended all the mounts in Pokemon Legends Arceus? There is a lot more to do!

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