Eevee is one of the most beloved Pokemon in Legends: Arceus – here’s where to catch it and how it evolves!

Pokemon Legends: Arceus is here at last, and we’re only just beginning our new Pokemon adventure in Hisui. Thankfully, one of the game’s fan-favorite Pokemon is available right from the get-go.

Even if you’re only just learning how to catch Pokemon in Legends: Arceus, Eevee will be waiting for you in the wild. This Normal-Type can famously evolve more than any other creature in the game, making it an excellent choice for your team, no matter what type you’re looking for.

Eevee Umbreon Evolve Pokemon Legends Arceus

Right now, all of Eevee’s 8 ‘Eeveelutions’ are present in Pokemon Legends: Arceus. And that means we won’t have to wait until the leaked Arceus DLC arrives to complete the set!

And don’t forget, you can use this easy method to find a shiny Eevee or 8!

Where to Find Eevee in Pokemon Legends: Arceus

To find Eevee in the wild, simply head to Obsidian Fieldlands and take a trip to Horseshoe Plains in Pokemon Legends: Arceus.

This is one of the opening areas of the game, so you’ll be able to capture the Pokemon right at the start of your Pokemon adventure.

Another good place to find Eevee is in Space-Time Distortions, where reportedly the Pokemon can be found in abundance!

Bear in mind that Eevee is a rare spawn and easily startled. If it sees you, it’ll run away and you’ll miss your chance to catch it.

We’ve put together some tips on catching Pokemon in Pokemon Legends: Arceus that should help you secure your new ally.

Eevee All Evolutions

How to Evolve Eevee Into All Evolutions

Next, here’s how to evolve Eevee into all of its Eeveelutions in Pokemon Legends. Alternatively, thanks to Arceus’ new evolution mechanics, you can leave it as Eevee forever, should you choose!

  • Vaporeon – Use a Water Stone (Obtainable at Jubilife Village Trading Post)
  • Flareon – Use a Fire Stone (Obtainable at Jubilife Village Trading Post)
  • Jolteon – Use a Thunder Stone (Obtainable at Jubilife Village Trading Post)
  • Umbreon – Evolve when at High Friendship at night (No Fairy Moves)
  • Espeon – Evolve when at High Friendship during the day (No Fairy Moves)
  • Leafeon – Use a Leaf Stone (Obtainable at Jubilife Village Trading Post)
  • Glaceon – Use an Ice Stone (Obtainable at Jubilife Village Trading Post)
  • Sylveon – Evolve when at High Friendship with a Fairy Type Move (Don’t forget that you can re-learn moves easily in Pokemon Legends)

Next up, why not try and catch Zorua’s new Hisuian form in Pokemon Legends: Arceus. After all, we don’t have a Ghost-Type Eevee… yet.

We’ve also got a guide for finding every Alpha Pokemon location in the game!

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