Even though Rotom seems to fit more modern times, it is in Pokemon Legends Arceus for you to catch!

Game Freak decided to make considerable changes to the Pokemon formula this time around.

This change might be a consequence of the multiple complaints players had about Pokemon Sword and Shield.

Gamers thought Sword and Shield were on the right path with the Wild Areas but ultimately failed to deliver a genuinely open exploration experience.

Now, the development team is mixing things up by introducing new mechanics! For instance, players can now evolve certain Pokemon without the need for trade.

Furthermore, Game Freak has finally delivered a truly open experience. The Hisui region might be from a distant past, but you can still catch a lot of familiar Pokemon like Rotom!

Catching Rotom Pokemon Legends Arceus

Where to Find Rotom in Pokemon Legends Arceus

You can easily catch Rotom in the Sacred Plaza and Stonetooth Rows of Coronet Highlands.

Although, this area is not accessible until late in the game. You should be able to access the Coronet Highlands area after finding the Basculegion mount.

Rotom is easy to catch but complicated to find. Sometimes it takes a while for this Pokemon to spawn in the overworld.

There is no need to complete any particular quests for this Pokemon encounter.

As well, once you find it, catching Rotom is not much of a challenge. You can quickly get it by throwing Pokeballs at it or weakening it after entering battle.

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Where to Catch Rotom Pokemon Legends Arceus

Now that you are well into your Hisui journey, these catch guides are perfect for helping you complete your Pokedex!

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