If you are into mythical Pokemon or just cool water-types, you can catch Manaphy and Phione in Pokemon Legends Arceus!

Mythical Pokemon are present in the long-forgotten era of Husui. Pokemon Legends Arceus brings back a period in which Pokemon did not commonly live in peace with humans.

This all changed, and Hisui eventually became the Sinnoh region. Although this is old times, the big and wild expanse of Hisui does bring a lot of familiar faces!

For instance, the beloved mascot of Pokemon, Pikachu, is here in Husui for you to catch! Aside from the iconic Pikachu, many mythical Pokemon are also present in this long-forgotten land.

Phione Pokemon Legends Arceus

To represent the water mythicals, Manaphy and Phione, are present in Pokemon Legends Arceus!

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Whete to Find Manaphy & Phione in Pokemon Legends Arceus

You can find Manaphy and Phione in Pokemon Legends Arceus by completing Request 66, The Sea’s Legend.

To complete The Sea’s Legends and find Manaphy and Phione in Pokemon Legends Arceus, follow these steps:

  • You will need to have Buizel, Mantyke, and Overqull in your party
  • Surf through the two pillars located in Cobalt Coastlands in the evening
  • Go to Seaside Hollow to trigger the encounter

You will find Manaphy at LVL 50, surrounded by various Phione, so you will be able to do a double catch. You’ll even be able to find Phiones of all sizes, thanks to these huge size variants in Pokemon Legends: Arceus.

This battle can be intense, so make sure you take the necessary amount of crafting materials, Revives, Potions, and Pokeballs to ensure your catch!

Also, take the right Pokemon to battle these water-type mythicals. If your Pokemon are not the right level to battle Manaphy and Phione, you may be in trouble!

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Pokemon Legends Arceus The Sea's Legends Quest

Without a doubt, Manaphy is an excellent water type and a great addition to your party. Furthermore, it gets you one step closer to completing your Pokedex!

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