Pokemon Legends Arceus brings some new surprises, and Enamorus is undoubtedly one of them!

Pokemon Legends Arceus takes place in ancient times. Back in this era, people referred to Sinnoh as the Hisui region.

This ancient period takes you to a time where Pokeballs were crafted and humans rarely peacefully cohabited the land with Pokemon.

In Hisui, even catching Pokemon is a completely different experience! But, this is what makes Legends Arceus so refreshing. It brings a ton of new elements to a very familiar formula.

To make those new elements even more vibrant, Legends Arceus has added some new Pokemon in the mix. Among these new Pokemon, we have Enamorous.

If you want to catch this mysterious new Pokemon, you are in the right place!

Pokemon Legends Arceus Art

Where to Find Enamorus in Pokemon Legends Arceus

You can find Enamorus at LVL 70 in the Crimson Mirelands after receiving the respective quest from Cogita.

You will receive this mission from Cogita as part of the post-game content.

This is one of the most challenging missions Cogita assigns to you in Pokemon Legends Arceus. Do not take this quest lightly and make all the necessary preparations!

Enamorus moves quickly, and landing Pokeballs on it can be tricky. Follow these methods to get close to Enamorus and trigger the battle successfully:

  • Use your Braviary mount to get close to Enamorus, land as much Pokeballs as possible. If it runs away, summon Braviary once again and repeat the process until battle starts.
  • Use smoke bombs to get as close as possible and land Pokeballs on it until battle starts.

Enamorus is a Fairy Flying double-type Pokemon, and just as the other Forces of Nature, has an Incarnate and Therian form. For this reason, taking Steel type Pokemons with you is a good idea in this case.

Also, take as many smoke bombs, potions, and Pokeballs as you can.

Always remember that if you keep fainting, you can take Pokemon with more effective moves to battle.

If you need to alter your Pokemon’s move, here is how to change and relearn Pokemon moves in Legends Arceus.

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Enamorus Battle Pokemon Legends Arceus

Furthermore, keep in mind you might need several attempts to catch this Pokemon, but it is worth the hassle!

Also, do not miss all the other great Mythical Pokemon in the post-game content of Legends Arceus!

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