Catching the Lunar Pokemon Cresselia Legends Arceus is possible and easy if you know where to look!

Pokemon Legends Arceus is one of the biggest Pokemon releases ever. The main attraction of this entry is its open areas and action-focused gameplay.

This game also does a first in the series, revisiting an ancient time in the Pokemon lore. A time when humans used to ride Pokemon mounts and Pokeballs we crafter by hand.

There are many familiar landmarks, such as Mt. Coronet dominating the region. Although, everything feels wild, different, and overwhelmingly fresh.

Among the familiar faces, we can find in Pokemon Legends Arceus is Cresselia, the Lunar Pokemon, and just like in Diamon and Pearl, you can catch her!

Cresselia Area Effect Pokemon Legends Arceus

Where to Find Cresselia in Pokemon Legends Arceus

You can find Cresselia at LVL in the Moonview Arena in Coronet Highlands after receiving the appropriate quest from Cogita.

When you enter the area where Cresselia is, her aura will confuse your character and invert the controls making it harder to approach her.

Fortunately, Cresselia will not run away that much, and landing Pokeballs on her is not that complicated. Just like in previous games, Cresselia remains a Psychic-type Pokemon.

Due to Cresselia’s Psychic nature, taking a Ghost or Bug-type Pokemon to catch her in Legends Arceus is a great option.

Cresselia’s attacks could be devastating if your Pokemon are under-leveled.

Also, make sure your Pokemon have the right move set for this battle. If you need to adjust your Pokemon moves, here is how to change or relearn Pokemon moves in Legends Arceus.

As well, your party could be easily wiped if you do not carry enough healing items. Take all the potions, revives, and Pokeballs needed for this encounter.

Catchich Cresselia should not be that complicated on the first try. Just make sure you do not KO her by accident! After catching Cresselia, you will receive the Dread Plate.

Following this advice should make it a lot easier to catch Cresselia in Pokemon Legends Arceus.

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Catch Cresselia Pokemon Legends Arceus

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