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Pokemon Legends Arceus: How Challenging Is It?

New leaks reveal the level of challenge you can expect from Pokemon Legends Arceus!

Pokemon has always been a very accessible RPG. It is considered one of the best gateway RPGs out there for many. Combat is pretty simple and enjoyable, yet it can take you a vast amount of hours to master it.

This has been true to most of the games in the series. Especially late entries in the franchise like Pokemon: Let’s Go Eevee and Pikachu made the series even more accessible for newcomers.

Now, this formula is changing drastically in Pokemon Legends Arceus. For instance, this game introduces new elements like mounts, gliders, new battle mechanics, and of course, new Pokemon.

With all these new mechanics, many players are wondering, how challenging is Pokemon Legends Arceus? According to recent leaks, there is already a pretty good answer to this question.


Is Pokemon Legends Arceus a Hard Game?

Recent leaks revealed that Pokemon Legends Arceus Alpha battles are challenging, but it still offers a Pokemon adventure difficulty level at its core.

Most of the new mechanics on Pokemon Legends Arceus are a dramatic departure from its turned-based RPG roots. Although, most of them enrich the existing gameplay style and do not make it harder.

Navigation, exploring, and catching Pokemon are all different in Legends Arceus, but none make it harder than a mainstream Pokemon title.

Although, there is one gameplay mechanic that does seem to make Pokemon Legends Arceus harder, the Alpha Pokemon.

Nintendo presented the Alpha Pokemon in a trailer some time ago. Alphas are red-eyed Pokemon that are considerably harder to battle and catch than regular Pokemon.

According to leaks, these Alpha battles are more intense than anything previously seen in the series. Fortunately, since battles are now triggered by interactions with Pokemon in the overworld, avoiding Alphas is possible.

So, if you were avoiding Pokemon Legends Arceus because of the challenge level it might pose, you can reconsider it and give it a shot!

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Pokemon Legends Areceus Alpha Pokemon

Pokemon Legends Arceus is going to change a lot of things. For instance, catching Pokemon in this game is fairly different now.

Additionally, new leaks confirmed that you could catch starter Pokemon in the game.

For those who are interested in mythical Pokemon, there is excellent news! Both Darkrai and Shaymin are obtainable in Legends Arceus.

Here is how you can catch Shaymin and Darkrai in Pokemon Legends Arceus.

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