A dedicated Pokemon Legends Arceus player discovered a glitch that makes climbing slopes much easier!

The wait is over for many Pokemon trainers around the world! Pokemon Legends Arceus is finally here.

With the arrival of this new entry into the franchise, fans have enjoyed a whole new way to experience Pokemon.

Hisui is a land of the past, but its innovative gameplay makes it feel more modern than present Pokemon games. Also, a recent datamine hinted Mega Evolution might be coming to Hisui!

All these changes do come with a bit of a learning curve. Traversing Hisui can be complicated for a good part of the game.

Nonetheless, a gamer recently discovered a trick to climb slopes with ease in Pokemon Legends Arceus.

Pokemon Legends Arceus Hisui Fields

Pokemon Legends Arceus Aiming Glitch Makes Climbing Slopes a Lot Easier

SkarletAkuma shared on Twitter how they successfully climbed an extremely steep slope on Pokemon Legends Arceus by using an aiming glitch.

The method to achieve this glitch is quite simple. While climbing a steep slope, all you need to do is keep the aim button (ZR) pressed and keep going up.

This gamer takes this glitch to the next level by sliding up on a slope almost impossible to climb.

Canceling aim while climbing with “B” and immediately aiming again slowly makes your character model slowly move up the slope.

These tricks prevent your character from slipping on the slope as usual. Although, it is not as easy to get it to work sometimes.

Climbing is undoubtedly easier with this glitch, especially on really steep slopes. But, the glitch is not perfect, and you will see yourself slipping more than once here and there.

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Legends Arceus has undoubtedly introduced a lot of exploration and fun into the franchise. Nonetheless, not all changes have been welcomed.

Some players think the presence of Alpha Pokemon in the game has ruined the evolution mechanic.

Even though some gamers have mentioned some pain points, Pokemon Legends Arceus sales data revealed it is the second best-selling Nintendo Switch game.

Lastly, among the many changes Legends Arceus added to the Pokemon formula is how shiny odds work.

If you are interested in shiny hunting, here is the best way to increase the odds of getting a shiny Pokemon in Legends Arceus.

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