An old Pokemon Legends: Arceus leak is proving accurate, and it states that 158 new Pokemon are on the way as DLC.

Pokemon is a franchise revolving around catching ’em all. But when it comes to Pokemon Legends: Arceus, there is one fundamental flaw in the game’s design.

Despite having around 900 Pokemon to choose from, Pokemon Legends has only 242 creatures to catch – at least in the base game.

Pokemon Legends

Recently, we got a new leak that reports Pokemon Legends: Arceus DLC is coming this year!

And it looks as though Mega Evolutions will be a part of the Arceus DLC too!

Pokemon Legends: Arceus DLC – 400 Total Pokemon?

Not only is Pokemon Legends reportedly adding Mega Evolutions in the near future, but its DLC may bump up the total Pokemon count to 400!

While nothing is confirmed just yet, multiple leakers are already talking about Pokemon Legends: Arceus DLC coming this year. And reports indicate that the additional content will add a whopping 158 new Pokemon to the game.

In a Twitter post by reliable insider Centro LEAKS back in October 2021, the leaker revealed a number of details about Pokemon Legends: Arceus.

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Giratina, Dialga, Arceus, Palkia Pokemon Legends

These details included new forms for Dialga and Palkia, a Hisuian Electrode line, new starter evolutions, and more. So far, the leak has been proving itself 100% correct, other than the fact that the new Legendary forms are ‘Origin’ forms, rather than ‘Primal’.

And now that the leak appears accurate, its claims about Arceus’ DLC seem much more trustworthy.

As for what the post claims, it appears that Pokemon Legends: Arceus will be getting DLC in 2022. And what’s more, Game Freak is reportedly aiming for a total Pokedex count of 400, including DLC ‘mons.

With that in mind, we can expect approximately 158 new Pokemon when the DLC for Arceus drops! Of course, this is all just rumors at the moment, and plans could change, but the leak is certainly proving accurate so far.

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