A new datamine reveals that Mega Evolution could be coming to Pokemon Legends: Arceus.

It’s always interesting to see what dataminers can find in new releases, and Pokemon Legends: Arceus is no exception.

The game is now live in many regions of the world, and Arceus has actually been in the wild for a week or so, thanks to some early sales too.

Players are even finding ways to play Pokemon Legends early, without resorting to leaks.

Pokemon Legends Arceus

As such, dataminers have been hard at work, delving into the files of the game. And while we’ve been able to learn some interesting information about Pokemon Legends: Arceus’ stance on Mega Evolution, it also comes with some disappointing news.

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Are Mega Evolutions In Pokemon Legends: Arceus?

No, Mega Evolutions aren’t in Pokemon Legends: Arceus just yet. However, a new datamine reveals that some Mega Evolution assets are in fact in the game!

Each new Pokemon generation usually comes with some sort of gimmick lately. And while Gigantamax and Z-Moves were relatively unpopular additions, few gamers had complaints about Mega Evolution.

A temporary transformation that boosts your Pokemon’s stats, changes their appearance, and makes even weaker ‘mons viable? It was everything fans could have wanted back in 2013.

Mega Charizard - Pokemon Origins

Unfortunately, Mega Evolving has since been all but abandoned by Game Freak. But reports indicate that Mega Evolution is gone but not forgotten in Pokemon Legends: Arceus.

Who needs Mega Evolutions, however, when you can catch a Garchomp as big as a house in-game? We can’t imagine what Mega Gengar would look like after seeing how big those Pokemon can get in Arceus.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus Evidence of Mega Evolutions

Pokemon dataminer mattyoukhana_ on Twitter appears to be the first to discover evidence of Mega Evolving in Pokemon Legends.

The user reports that every Pokemon has a count value indicating its total number of forms in the new game. And what’s interesting is that Pokemon compatible with Mega Evolution still includes their unique transformation in that count.

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pokemon legends arceus shock

This wasn’t the case in Sword and Shield, the latest Nintendo Switch releases, allegedly. In addition, Mega Evolution cries are reportedly in Arceus’ sound data.

On top of that, a popular leaker just reported that Pokemon Legends: Arceus is getting DLC soon! Could Mega Evolution play a big part in what’s to come?

One thing that Arceus definitely gets right is its quality of life changes. Players can re-learn Pokemon moves at the touch of a button, and even choose when to evolve their Pokemon!

While we wait for Mega Evolutions to potentially arrive one day, be sure to use our handy guide to track down every Unown!

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