The existence of Alpha Pokemon in Legends Arceus is upsetting some gamers who believe their addition undermines evolution.

Pokemon Legends Arceus is now out, and trainers worldwide are already enjoying the Hisui region.

The reception of this Pokemon adventure has been overall positive. Fans waited a long time for a revamp of the classic RPG formula Pokemon has used for so long.

Pokemon Legends Arceus delivered a considerable departure to this formula, adding meaningful action-adventure elements to the recipe.

Fans certainly resonated with these changes, making Pokemon Legends Arceus the 2nd fastest-selling Nintendo Switch game. Although, not everything is perfect.

Fans recently provided some observations as to why the Alpha Pokemon are ruining evolution for them.

Zoroark Hisuian Alpha Pokemon Legends Arceus

Pokemon Legends Arceus’ Alphas Make Evolution Less Significant for Some Fans

Many players joined on a Reddit thread to explain why Alpha Pokemon in Legends Arceus undermined the evolution process.

In a nutshell, players noted that these Alphas are sometimes the final evolution of many Pokemon, making regular Pokemon raised and evolved until final form somewhat redundant.

Additionally, some fans pointed out that items like the Link Cables were deemed useless due to Alpha Pokemon.

Legends Arceus allows players new ways to evolve Pokemon without the need for trading. But, according to these players’ complaints, this is pointless.

Gamers stated you could get an Alpha of the Pokemon you want in its final evolution instead of using Link Cables to get its final form.

Of course, there are opinions contrary to these statements. Some players affirm that you can only find some Alphas until later in the game. Thus, making the process of raising and evolving Pokemon worth it.

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Additionally, some rumors suggest upcoming Pokemon Legends Arceus DLC could add up to 158 new Pokemon.

All this new mons’ variety in the game will undoubtedly mix things up, giving items and overall evolution more meaning.

Now, after seeing and battling so many Alphas, you might be close to ending your journey in Hisui!

If you are ready for the challenge, here is how you can find a catch Arceus, the creator Pokemon in Legends Arceus.

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