Pokemon Horizons is the first post-Ash Ketchum Pokemon anime that’s set to premiere in April 2023.

Here’s everything you need to know about when and where to watch protagonists Liko and Roy make their debut:

Pokemon Horizons Release Date

Pokemon Horizons releases on April 14 in Japan. The new anime series currently has no western release date, though we expect it to arrive in Summer 2023.

For now, all The Pokemon Company will reveal is that Pokemon Horizons will arrive in ‘2023 and beyond‘.

After all, though Ash & Pikachu’s final episode is available to watch with subtitles, the English dub won’t be out until around mid-May.

Pokemon Horizons

Pokemon Horizons Trailer

In the Pokemon Horizons first official trailer, we get a look at new protagonists Liko and Roy, as well as companions such as Pokemon Professor Friede and Captain Pikachu.

There’s even a tease at a shiny Rayquaza and the power of Liko’s mysterious amulet.

Learn more about the new main characters Liko and Roy here!

Where to Watch Pokemon Horizons

Right now, it has not been announced where fans will be able to watch Pokemon Horizons in the US. However, Pokemon Ultimate Journeys is currently available to watch on Netflix.

In the US, batches of episodes tend to drop all at once. In Canada, an English dubbed episode of Pokemon drops each week, with the finale of the original series dropping sometime in May.

As such, we don’t expect Netflix or any other site to have the Pokemon Horizons dub before June 2023 at the earliest.

However, despite there being no legitimate way to watch the new series, a number of anime piracy sites will no doubt host the new episode with English subtitles shortly after its April 14 release.

Watching anime through most free streaming sites is not legal, but for many fans it will be the only way to watch Liko and Roy’s debut before spoilers appear online.

But although there are two new main characters in the spotlight for now, it looks as though Ash Ketchum could return to Pokemon before long!

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