The brand-new Pokemon Horizons anime is just around the corner and we already have the names and plot descriptions for Episodes 1-3.

This will be the first time a mainline Pokemon anime hasn’t featured Ash Ketchum, everyone’s favorite 10-year-old trainer.

And while we’re still sad over the events of Ash’s final episode, Liko and Roy are here to stay!

Pokemon Horizons Episode Titles Revealed

The first 2 episodes of the new Pokemon Horizons anime series have been revealed by the TV Tokyo and TV Osaka websites.

The anime will begin with both episodes back-to-back, airing as a 1-hour special on April 14. The episode names are:

  • The Pendant of Beginning, Part 1
  • The Pendant of Beginning, Part 2

Here’s where to watch the debut of the Pokemon Horizons anime!

Liko and Roy with their Starter Pokemon

The third episode of Pokemon Horizons has also had a name reveal, courtesy of reliable Japanese insider Karubi on Twitter.

Pokemon Horizons Episode 3 will air on April 21 and is called:

  • As Long as I’m With Nyahoja, I’m Sure

For those unfamiliar with Japanese Pokemon names, Nyahoja refers to Sprigatito – Liko’s starter Pokemon. We learn more about their bond in the episode descriptions.

Here’s an early look at the opening moments of the very first episode of Pokemon Horizons:

What Happens in the First Episode of Pokemon Horizons?

The first episode of Pokemon Horizons is a double-bill entitled ‘The Pendant of Beginnings’. It is made up of two parts which will be broadcast as a 1-hour special episode.

Interestingly, we notice some similarities between Ash and Pikachu’s early relationship and the one between Liko and her starter Pokemon.

The Japanese blurb for episodes 1 and 2 reads:

“Liko is a girl from the Paldea region, who has enrolled at Indigo Academy, a boarding school located in the Kanto region. Liko is delighted to receive her first Pokemon, Sprigatito, but she struggles to deepen her bond with the Pokémon, who doesn’t listen to her at all. At the same time, suspicious people appear who are looking for the “mysterious pendant” in Liko’s possession.”

Translation courtesy of Bulbagarden

Interestingly, it seems that Pokemon Horizons will not initially take place in Paldea, despite Liko getting a starter Pokemon from that region.

Liko and Roy in Pokemon Anime

Instead, Kanto, home of Ash Ketchum (and our new dual-protagonist Roy) will be the anime’s starting point.

But as much as The Pokemon Company has teased Roy as a secondary protagonist alongside Liko, he does not appear in this episode description.

Pokemon Horizons Episode 3

The blurb for episode 3 of Pokemon Horizons reads:

“Sprigatito has been kidnapped by the grounp ‘Explorers’ so Liko decides to go after them to rescue her partner. Professor Friede and his crew decided to help her in this tasks and the group locate the Explorers’ hideout. However, when they arrive, Amethio is there, awaiting their arrival…!”

Once again, there’s no indication that Roy will make an appearance but perhaps we’ll see the young trainer get featured in his own episodes later on.

However, it sounds like we now know when Captain Pikachu will turn up in Pokemon Horizons!

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