The titles and plot descriptions for Pokemon Horizons episodes 4 & 5 are here! Here’s what to expect from the upcoming releases of the latest Pokemon anime series.

Liko and Roy are finally meeting in Pokemon Horizons, and from then on, the show will have dual protagonists!

So far, we’ve only seen Liko and Sprigatito in the spotlight, so we can’t wait to see what Roy has to offer.

Here’s a recap of the story so far:

Pokemon Horizons Episode 4 Title & Plot

Pokemon Horizons episode 4 is called ‘The Adrift Treasure’ and it will air on April 28, 2023 at 6:55 PM JST on TV Tokyo.

The episode synopsis reads:

“When the Rising Volt Tacklers’ air ship makes an emergency landing on a remote island, the ship’s Fuecoco disappears. Liko and Sprigatito land on the island in search of Fuecoco.

On the other hand, Roy, a boy who lives on that remote island, witnesses a mysterious Pokemon…”

Pokemon Horizons Episode 4 Roy

It seems that episode 4 will not only be the first time that Liko and Roy meet, but it’ll also be the first time Roy sees his new partner, Fuecoco.

However, that may not be the ‘mysterious’ Pokemon from the episode description. Liko has already encountered a never-seen-before Pokemon in the anime series, and now another one could be making an appearance!

Here’s when and where to watch Pokemon Horizons Episode 4!

Pokemon Horizons Episode 5 Title & Plot

Pokemon Horizons episode 5 is called ‘I found you, Fuecoco’ and it will air on May 5, 2023 at 6:55 PM JST on TV Tokyo.

The episode synopsis reads:

“In order to meet Fuecoco, Roy has come to the Rising Volt Tacklers’ airship, but due to a series of unlucky events he is unable to do so.

Meanwhile, the Explorers’ submarine approaches the airship…”

Pokemon Horizons Episode 5 Roy and Fuecoco

It sounds as though Roy will spend the episode trying to encounter his new partner Pokemon, Fuecoco to no avail. However, when the villainous Explorers show their faces again, we’re sure the duo will have a chance encounter.

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