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Pokemon GO’s 1 Coin Weekly Box is Dividing Fans

A new week in Pokemon GO means a new Weekly Box, but the latest one has been dividing the fans on whether it is good value or not!

Items aren’t cheap in Pokemon GO and getting PokeCoins to buy them can be pretty time-consuming. Luckily, developer Niantic gives out free Daily Boxes as well as a Weekly Box for just 1 coin.

While the Daily Boxes have always contained just a couple of Pokeballs or Potions, the Weekly Box used to have a Remote Raid Pass! However, since the removal of Remote Raid Passes from these 1 coin boxes, the rewards have been pretty poor.

In fact, many Pokemon GO players have protested how bad the Weekly Boxes have been recently.

Pokemon GO Weekly Box

Despite this, Niantic seems to have a new approach with the item in the most recent Weekly Box. While many fans are still not happy, it’s fair to say that the player base is split on this one!

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Are The Pokemon GO Weekly Box Items Still Bad?

While the previous Pokemon GO Weekly Boxes have been “worthless”, the box for the week starting July 18 has a much more interesting item.

In the new box is a Rainy Lure Module. This has sparked debate on the Pokemon GO subreddit.

While some players are extremely underwhelmed with the latest Weekly Box offering, others think that is an improvement from previous weeks.

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Pokemon GO Rainy Lure Module

Of course, only a Rainy Lure Module is nowhere near as good as the Remote Raid Passes that players had become used to in Pokemon GO Weekly Boxes. Therefore, it’s not a surprise that some players are still annoyed.

Despite this, others like u/Rebel_Scum56 is pretty happy with it. They said “at least this is something that usually costs money” and they’d be right – Rainy Lure Modules usually cost 180 PokeCoins!

Do you think this Pokemon GO Weekly Box is an improvement? This is a divisive issue so it’ll be interesting to see what Niantic puts in next week’s box!

In other news, leaks have revealed that Pokemon GO could get free PokeCoin quests soon! This should make it much easier to earn coins.

What’s more, Pokemon GO players have a solution to play the game safely during weather warnings. This is especially important during the hot Summer months!

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