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Pokemon GO Yveltal Raid Guide: Best Counters & Weaknesses

Here is everything you need to know to beat the Legendary Yveltal in Pokemon GO Raids, including the best Pokemon you can use to counter it!

There are dozens of Legendary Pokemon in Pokemon GO, but catching them all is a difficult task for even the most experienced Pokemon trainers.

This is because if you want to catch one of these powerful Legendaries, you will have to defeat it in a Raid battle first. These battles are tough and require not only a team of Pokemon trainers but also some powerful Pokemon to counter the boss too!

Here are all of the best counters for Yveltal Raids in Pokemon GO as well as all of the information you need to defeat this Legendary Pokemon.

Yveltal Pokemon GO Flying

Yveltal Pokemon GO Raid Guide

When is Yveltal in Pokemon GO Raids?

Yveltal is part of the September 2022 Pokemon GO Legendary Raid schedule and is in Raids from September 27 – October 8.

We recommend a team of at least 5 Pokemon trainers to fight it. Use the Pokemon GO Campfire app to coordinate Raids with other players in your area!

Yveltal Type

Yveltal is a Dark/Flying-type Pokemon. This means you’ll have a number of weaknesses and resistances to consider when you are choosing which Pokemon to use.

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Yveltal Pokemon GO Pokedex

Yveltal Weaknesses

  • Electric
  • Fairy
  • Ice
  • Rock

Attacks of all 4 of the above types do 160% damage to Yveltal. This means you’ll want to be using Electric, Fairy, Ice, and Rock-type Pokemon in your Yveltal Raids.

Yveltal Resistances

  • Dark
  • Ghost
  • Grass
  • Ground
  • Psychic

Dark, Ghost, and Grass attacks only do 63% damage to Yveltal. Meanwhile, Yveltal is double resistant to Ground and Psychic-type attacks, so they only deal 39% damage.

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Pokemon GO Yveltal Shadow

Best Pokemon to Counter Yveltal in Raids

Mega Manectric, Xurkitree, and Mega Aerodactyl are the best Pokemon to use in Yveltal Raids so make sure you know how to mega evolve Pokemon in Pokemon GO.

However, any Pokemon with strong Rock, Electric, Ice, and Fairy moves will be effective against this Legendary Pokemon.

These are our top 10 picks for Pokemon to use in Yveltal Raids:

PokemonImageFast AttackCharged Attack
Mega ManectricMega Manectric Pokemon GOCharge BeamWild Charge
XurkitreeXurkitree Pokemon GOSparkDischarge
Mega AerodactylMega Aerodactyl Pokemon GORock ThrowRock Slide
ZekromPokemon GO ZekromCharge BeamWild Charge
Therian Forme ThundurusPokemon GO Therian Forme ThundurusVolt SwitchThunderbolt
RampardosPokemon GO RampardosSmack DownRock Slide
RhyperiorPokemon GO RhyperiorSmack DownRock Wrecker
ElectivireElectivire Pokemon GOThunder ShockWild Charge
RaikouPokemon GO RaikouThunder ShockWild Charge
ZapdosZapdos Pokemon GOThunder ShockThunderbolt

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