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Pokemon GO: What Does Orange Incense Do

The Orange Incense is here for those Pokemon GO players who need an extra boost during events!

Pokemon GO has plenty of events depending on the season of the year. The Pokemon GO Fest is around the corner, and this is just one of the many events players have enjoyed this year.

As these events arrive, many offer special limited-time items or Pokemon. Considering the amount of content the game receives each week, it is pretty easy to miss some of the perks of each event.

For this reason, Niantic has made some special items to help players get as many benefits from events as possible.

One of these items is the Orange Incense in Pokemon GO!

Croagunk Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO Orange Incense – What Does It Do, How to Use & More

Pokemon GO’s Orange Incense is the same as regular Incense, but it helps players get Pokemon that only spawn in the special event currently in place.

For instance, if a particular event offers a unique pool of special Pokemon, using this distinct Incense will only spawn Pokemon pertaining to that event.

How to Use Orange Incense

You can use Orange Incense in Pokemon GO by following these instructions:

  • Open the Pokemon GO app and tap on the Pokeball icon at the bottom of the screen
  • Tap on the Items icon
  • Tap on the Orange Incense and tap the Incense once again to confirm

This item is certainly helpful during events, making the game more accessible! This is great since fans have not been completely happy with how Niantic is handling the game.

Many fans have already begged Niantic to listen to their concerns about the game. In fact, players are even planning to boycott the Pokemon GO Fest 2022.

How to Get Orange Incense in Pokemon GO

Regular Incense will turn Orange during events, indicating it will only lure the special Pokemon featured in the event.

Orange Incense is no different than regular Incense. You can acquire it in the same way you get your ordinary Incense.

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Orange Incense Pokemon GO

Orange Incense Benefits & Duration

Aside from this difference, and the apparent color change, the Orange Incense lasts the same amount of time and has the same benefits.

Orange Incense offers the following benefits:

  • Duration: 1 Hour
  • Spawn Rates:
    • 1 Pokemon every 5 minutes if you are stationary (not walking around)
    • 1 Pokemon every minute if you are moving, or 1 Pokemon if you move 200 meters, whichever of these conditions is met first

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Pokemon GO FEST 2020

Now, you know everything there is to this particular Incense! Use it now and catch all the unique Pokemon in the latest event!

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