Here’s everything you need to know about the mysterious Ultra Wormholes in Pokemon GO and how they work!

Ultra Wormholes made their debut in the game at GO Fest 2022, leading to many players wondering what they were. And while they were the main focus of that event, Ultra Wormholes now appear regularly.

Luckily, we now know all of the details about Ultra Wormholes, as well as what creatures can come through them!

What Are Ultra Wormholes in Pokemon GO?

Ultra Wormholes are unstable portals that bring through Ultra Beasts from Ultra Space in Pokemon GO. They appear above a Gym just before an Ultra Beast appears in Raid Battles.

Even if Ultra Wormholes have a big part to play in Pokemon Sun & Moon, they’re purely a feature to bring Ultra Beasts into Raids in Pokemon GO.

These Ultra Beasts like Buzzwole and Pheromosa were initially introduced in Pokemon Sun & Moon and arrive from a different dimension to normal Pokemon, called Ultra Space.

While there are already plenty of Ultra Beasts in Pokemon GO, there are still more to come in the future!

Pokemon GO Ultra Beasts

Where to Find Ultra Wormholes in Pokemon GO

Ultra Wormholes can be found on top of Gyms just before Ultra Beast Raids start. Instead of the Eggs that usually signify that a Raid Battle is about to begin, players will instead see a mysterious portal to Ultra Space.

Once the countdown timer ends, a powerful Ultra Beast will emerge, and the Ultra Wormhole will disappear.

Unlike normal Raids, where you catch the boss using Premier Balls, Ultra Beasts are caught using Beast Balls.

What Ultra Beasts Currently Spawn From Ultra Wormholes?

Kartana and Xurkitree are the two Ultra Beasts that can currently spawn from Ultra Wormholes in Pokemon GO.

From September 1 until September 8, 2023, Kartana is in Raids in the Northern Hemisphere. Meanwhile, Celesteela is in Southern Hemisphere Raids.

Then, from September 8 until September 16, 2023, Celesteela will be in the Northern Hemisphere, and Kartana will be in the Southern Hemisphere.

Pokemon GO Celesteela Kartana Map

Following this, it is not known which Ultra Beast will appear in Tier 5 Raids next. We will update this article when Niantic announces which one it’ll be!

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