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Pokemon GO: What are Ultra Wormholes?

Recently, Ultra Wormholes have been appearing in Pokemon GO, but what are they exactly?

In the Pokemon GO Fest 2022, Ultra Wormholes had been showing up in Gyms, leading to many players wondering what they were.

And while they may have been the main focus at this event, it seems more Ultra Wormholes are coming to the game.

Here’s everything you need to know about the mysterious portals, and what they mean in Pokemon GO.

What are Ultra Wormholes in Pokemon GO?

Ultra Wormholes are unstable portals that bring through Ultra Beasts from Ultra Space in Pokemon GO.

These Ultra Beasts like Buzzwole and Pheromosa were originally introduced in Pokemon Sun and Moon. They arrive from a different dimension to normal Pokemon, called Ultra Space.

Ultra Wormholes have a bigger part in Pokemon Sun and Moon however, in Pokemon GO, they’re mainly a feature to bring Ultra Beasts into the game.

You can find every Ultra Beast currently in Pokemon GO here, but there are going to be more arriving later in the Season of Light.

Pokemon GO Ultra Beasts

Where to Find Ultra Wormholes in Pokemon GO?

Ultra Wormholes can be found on top of Gyms just before Ultra Beast Raids, instead of the Eggs.

Unlike normal Raids with Premier Balls, Ultra Beast Raids only use Beast Balls as a method of catching them.

How Often Do Ultra Wormholes Appear in Pokemon GO?

Ultra Wormholes only appear when there are Ultra Beasts in Raids. This is usually part of a Pokemon GO event.

If you’re hoping to catch the Ultra Beasts in Pokemon GO, keep an eye out on the Pokemon GO blog.

But when they do appear, you’ll need plenty of Raid Passes. This way, you can make sure that you catch them all!

And as they are Tier 5 Raids, we recommend using our best tips for Pokemon GO Raids to make sure you can defeat them!

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