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Pokemon GO Weather Warnings Prompt Calls for Incense Boost

Many Pokemon GO players have been getting weather warnings when starting up the game recently so they think an incense boost could be the best solution!

Pokemon GO is all about getting outside and exploring the area around you, but that isn’t always possible.

Recently, Pokemon GO has been warning many players around the world about the weather when starting the game. This is because of the extreme summer heat in some locations.

Before being able to play the game, fans must are shown the message “Weather conditions are potentially dangerous – be aware of your surroundings! Check your local weather service for details! Then they must click a button saying “I am safe” before entering the game.

Pokemon GO Weather Warning

Of course, because of this, many players have decided to stay inside instead, but this severely limits their Pokemon-catching opportunities. Some players even skipped the Pokemon GO Starly Community Day because of the weather!

Luckily some players have come up with a solution for Pokemon GO fans who are getting weather warnings and don’t want to leave the house!

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Pokemon GO Players With Weather Warnings Want Temporary Incense Boost

Recently, Pokemon GO players have complained about the “worthless” incense, following a nerf to it. However, it could be the key to letting players in areas with weather warnings experience everything the game has to offer.

A new suggestion on the Pokemon GO Reddit Community r/TheSilphRoad asks for an incense spawn rate increase during weather warnings.

This would only be active when stationary though, so players can still experience Pokemon GO without risking going outside in potentially dangerous weather.

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Pokemon GO Incense

Hopefully, Niantic listens to fans and implements some way for them to enjoy Pokemon GO, even with weather warnings. Otherwise, events like the upcoming Pokemon GO Spotlight Hours will be very difficult to properly take part in.

Plus, now that Remote Raid Passes are much harder to get, Raiding during weather warnings will be almost impossible. This means that players could miss all of the classic Legendary Pokemon in Raids this month!

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