The Pokemon GO Water Festival is back for 2023 and is kicking off with the especially sandy Beach Week! This event is running from 10 AM local time on June 6 to 8 PM local time on June 12, 2023.

Beach Week includes a brand-new Pokemon and an especially exciting Spotlight Hour, alongside new wild spawns, an updated selection of Raid bosses, new Field Research Tasks, and more!

New Pokemon in Water Festival: Beach Week

Water Festival: Beach Week is adding two new Pokemon to Pokemon GO. The Sand Heap Pokemon, Sandygast is finally coming to the game, alongside its evolution, Palossand.

You will be able to encounter Sandygast in Tier 1 Raids or through a specific Field Research encounter. Meanwhile, you must use 50 Sandygast Candy to evolve a Sandygast into Palossand.

Sandygast Palossand Pokemon GO

Beach Week Event Bonus

For the duration of Water Festival Beach Week, Rainy Lure Modules will have 4x duration.

This is very handy if you want to catch all of the Pokemon attracted to Rainy Lure Modules!

Beach Week Global Challenge

Pokemon GO is also getting a new Global Challenge for players to take part in, which requires players to get 300 million Nice Throws.

Reaching this target will activate the following bonuses until Beach Week ends:

  • Increased Candy for Nice, Great, and Excellent Throws
  • Increased chance to receive Candy XL for catching Pokemon with Nice, Great, and Excellent Throws (Pokemon trainers level 31+)
Pokemon GO Beach

All Wild Pokemon Spawns in Pokemon GO Water Festival: Beach Week

The following 16 Pokemon will be spawning in the wild much more frequently during the Water festival: Beach Week:

  • Alolan Exeggutor
  • Clauncher
  • Dwebble
  • Finneon
  • Frillish
  • Horsea
  • Krabby
  • Mantine
  • Marill
  • Popplio
  • Shellder
  • Spheal
  • Staryu
  • Tentacool
  • Wailmer
  • Wingull

There is also a chance to catch the shiny version of all of these shiny Pokemon apart from Popplio.

Wild Pokemon Spawns Water Festival Beach Week

All Raid Bosses in Pokemon GO Water Festival: Beach Week

The following Pokemon will be Raid bosses during Water Festival: Beach Week:

  • Tier 1
    • Alolan Diglett
    • Hisuian Qwilfish
    • Carvanha
    • Feebas
    • Sandygast
  • Tier 3
    • Blastoise
    • Gyarados
    • Lapras (scarf costume)
    • Alomomola
  • Tier 4
    • Mega Swampert
  • Tier 5
    • Azelf (the Americas and Greenland)
    • Mesprit (Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and India)
    • Uxie (Asia-Pacific)
Pokemon GO Raid Bosses Water Festival Beach Week

New Research

The Water Festival: Beach Week event is introducing new Research for players to complete.

In addition to new Field Research Tasks that reward players with Pokemon encounters or Mega Energy for Swampert or Blastoise, there is a new ticketed Timed Research.

The Water Festival: Beach Week Timed Research Ticket costs $5 and will reward players with an avatar surfer pose, in addition to plenty of encounters with beach-themed Pokemon.

Mega Swampert Pokemon GO London
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