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Pokemon GO Water Festival: All Field Research Tasks & Rewards

The 2022 Water Festival is finally here in Pokemon GO and it has added a load of new limited-time Field Research Tasks – here are all of the Tasks and their rewards!

Pokemon GO’s events bring plenty of new content to the game and the 2022 Water Festival is no different.

In addition to all of the new Pokemon debuts in the Water Festival, there’s plenty to do in Pokemon during this event.

This includes a load of new research tasks that will help you easily get your hands on the new Pokemon as well as some great Water-type ‘Mon and even a few exciting goodies.

Here’s how you can complete every Field Research Task in the Pokemon GO Water Festival event!

But first, find out every Pokemon in 7km eggs during the Water Festival!

Pokemon GO Water Festival Event - New Pokemon, Dates & More

How to Complete Every Pokemon GO Water Festival Field Research Tasks & The Rewards

There are 8 new limited-time Field Research Tasks to complete during the Pokemon GO Water Festival Event:

Field Research TaskReward
Catch 5 PokemonMagikarp or Wailmer
Catch 5 Magikarp or WailmerLuvdisc 
Catch 10 Water-type PokemonBinacle or 20 Gyarados Mega Energy or 20 Blastoise Mega Energy
Catch 15 PokemonDewpider
Hatch an eggCarvanha 
Catch 25 PokemonLapras with a scarf (Event costumed Pokemon)
Evolve 2 Water-type PokemonMarill 
Catch 5 Water-type Pokemon10 Pokeballs, 5 Great balls

Also, find out how to complete the Poni Island Adventure Special Research and all of the rewards too!

Good luck completing all of these Field Research Tasks and unlocking these water-themed rewards! They won’t be around for long so make sure to spin as many Pokestops as you can until the event ends.

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