If you need to win a Virizion Raid in Pokemon GO, here’s everything you need to know to exploit this Legendary’s weaknesses!

As Virizion is a 5-star Legendary Raid boss, you will ideally have a team of at least four high-level Pokemon trainers to take it down.

All of these trainers will need to bring Pokemon that counter Virizion to battle so you can exploit its double weakness to Flying!

Virizion Pokemon GO Leaves

What Type is Virizion?

Virizion is a Grass/Fighting-type Pokemon, making it relatively easy to counter.

It has six weaknesses as well as six resistances you need to consider before you battle it. Fortunately, one of its weaknesses is a double weakness!

Virizion Weaknesses & Resistances

Flying (Double Weakness)Grass

Virizion has a double weakness to Flying-type attacks, meaning they do a whopping 256% damage to it! Additionally, the other 5 types it is weak to do 160% damage.

Meanwhile, all of the types that it resists deal just 63% damage to Virizion.

Therefore, you’ll want to use Flying-type Pokemon when battling Virizion in Raids.

Pokemon GO Cobalion Virizion Terrakion

Best Pokemon to Counter Virizion in Raids

The best Pokemon to counter Virizion in Raids are strong Flying-types like Rayquaza, Yveltal, Moltres, and Honchkrow. However, any Pokemon with powerful Flying attacks will be great against Virizion.

Additionally, you can use a Flying-type Mega Pokemon like Mega Rayquaza or Mega Pidgeot for some extra firepower and to boost the attack of your other Flying-types.

Here are our top 10 picks to battle this Legendary Pokemon:

PokemonImageFast AttackCharged Attack
Mega RayquazaMega Rayquaza Pokemon GOAir SlashDragon Ascent
Mega PidgeotPokemon GO Mega PidgeotWing AttackBrave Bird
Mega Charizard YPokemon GO Mega Charizard YAir SlashBlast Burn
RayquazaRayquaza Pokemon GOAir SlashDragon Ascent
YveltalYveltal Pokemon GOGust Oblivion Wing
MoltresPokemon GO MoltresWing AttackSky Attack
HonchkrowHonchkrow Pokemon GOPeckSky Attack
Galarian ArticunoGalarian Articuno Pokemon GOPsycho CutBrave Bird
StaraptorStaraptor Pokemon GOGustBrave Bird
BraviaryBraviary Pokemon GOAir SlashBrave Bird

After beating Virizion in a Raid, you will earn a chance to catch Virizion. There is also a 1 in 20 chance that the Pokemon you encounter is the rare shiny Virizion!

When is Virizion in Pokemon GO Raids?

Virizion is the 5-Star Legendary Raid boss in Pokemon GO from November 9 to November 16, 2023.

It is not known when Virizion will return to Raids after these dates, so make sure to battle and catch it while you can!

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