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Pokemon GO Update Makes Remote Raid Passes Much Harder to Get

A new Pokemon GO Update has made getting Remote Raid Passes not only much more difficult but also more expensive!

Raids are some of the most rewarding things to do in Pokemon GO. Not only do they give you the opportunity to catch the Pokemon you beat, but they reward you with a load of XP and great items too.

While you do more damage if you beat raids in person, there is also always the option to tackle them from a distance. Although, you’ll need a Remote Raid Pass to do so.

While Remote Raid Passes have been pretty easy to get in the past, a new update is making these items significantly harder to get. Here’s how the latest Pokemon GO has changed how you can get Remote Raid Passes.

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Pokemon Go double catch bonus duration

Remote Raid Passes Removed From 1 Coin Event Box & Bundle Price Increase in Pokemon GO

Niantic has announced some major changes to how you can get Remote Raid Passes in Pokemon GO. However, they aren’t for the better.

Firstly, the developer has announced a major change to the 1-Coin Event Boxes that players can purchase every week. Now, instead of the Remote Raid Pass, these Event Boxes will include a “rotating array of items instead”.

Therefore, this means that Niantic has effectively removed the almost-free Remote Raid Pass that all players get every week. This change will be enacted on May 23.

As it is just weekly Event Boxes that will be changed, it looks like players will still be able to do the trick to get rare items from the free Daily Boxes!

However, this isn’t the only change that will make getting Remote Raid Passes more difficult.

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Pokemon GO Oddish

In addition to the Event Box changes, Niantic has also increased the price of 3 Raid Passes in the shop from 250 coins to 300 coins. This means that you no longer save money by buying a bundle of 3.

Even if these changes have made getting Remote Raid Passes more difficult in Pokemon GO, there are a couple of improvements in the update too.

Firstly, Niantic has confirmed that Rare Candy XL is now a reward from Raids plus, to go with the new Mega Evolution system it is now much easier to earn Mega Energy from Raids too!

This should help soften the blow somewhat. However, Remote Raid Passes being much more difficult to get is a major disappointment for many Pokemon GO fans.

It’s not all bad news for Pokemon trainers though. You can now get free Pokemon GO Amazon Prime Gaming rewards!

Plus, the Alola to Alola End-of-Season Special Research will give players loads of rewards too! There are even some event-exclusive hats to get.

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