Pokemon GO players can encounter a load of Ultra Beasts for completing Timed Research Tasks during the Ultra Beast Arrival event!

Ultra Beasts are powerful Pokemon that only appear through Ultra Wormholes and there’s a brand-new event that makes them the focus in Pokemon GO.

In addition to being able to battle and catch the Ultra Beasts by taking part in Raids during the Ultra Beast Arrival event, players can also encounter them by completing Timed Research.

Of course, this means a very busy day for players as the Timed Research must be completed during the Ultra Beast Arrival event. This is taking place from 11 AM to 5 PM local time on November 27.

Here are all of the Tasks and the rewards you’ll get for completing this Timed Research!

Pokemon GO Ultra Beast Arrival

Pokemon GO Ultra Beast Arrival: All Tasks & Reward Encounters

To complete all of the steps in the Ultra Beast Arrival Timed Research in Pokemon GO, players must win 7 Raids during the event.

It is definitely worth finishing as many Tasks as you can as the rewards are encounters with all 7 of the Ultra Beasts currently in Pokemon GO!

Task ImageReward
Win a RaidNihilego Pokemon GONihilego Encounter
Win 2 RaidsXurkitree Pokemon GOXurkitree Encounter
Win 3 RaidsPheromosa Pokemon GOPheromosa Encounter
Win 4 RaidsBuzzwole Pokemon GOBuzzwole Encounter
Win 5 RaidsGuzzlord Pokemon GOGuzzlord Encounter
Win 6 RaidsKartana Pokemon GOKartana Encounter
Win 7 RaidsCelesteela Pokemon GOCelesteela Encounter

Upon completing all 7 steps, by winning 7 Raids, players will also get 570 XP and 570 Stardust.

To complete the Timed Research and encounter the Ultra Beasts, you’ll need plenty of Raid Passes. Here’s how to get more Raid Passes in Pokemon GO.

Once again, remember you only have until 5 PM local time to complete all of these tasks. At this time, the Timed Research will expire and you will no longer be able to get the great rewards!

Also, if you can’t complete the Timed Research, there are plenty of different Ultra Beasts available to battle in Raids during the Ultra Beast Arrival event. Here’s how to defeat all of them:

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