Here’s a comprehensive guide to Berries in Pokemon GO. Whether it’s a Nanab or a Pinap you’re after, we’ve got all of the answers!

Of course, Pokemon is about catching ’em all. Although, you might need some assistance to do that.

Berries are some of the most useful items in the backpack of any Pokemon GO player. Feeding these Berries to Pokemon can grant a variety of helpful effects but there’s a lot you need to know to use them effectively!

Using this, you’ll be able to tell your Razz Berries from your Pinap Berries in no time!

What Are Berries in Pokemon GO?

Berries are items in Pokemon GO that can grant helpful unique bonuses when fed to Pokemon.

You can feed Berries to:

  • Wild Pokemon
  • Buddy Pokemon
  • Pokemon in friendly Gyms
Pokemon GO All Berries

What Do Berries Do in Pokemon GO?

The main function of Berries is to help you catch Wild Pokemon – each different Berry grants a different bonus when fed to a wild Pokemon before you catch it. These effects include making the Pokemon stay still and earning extra Candy once you catch the Pokemon.

You can also feed Berries to Pokemon in Gyms to increase their Motivation Meter and CP. This will help you defend Gyms for longer.

Additionally, you can feed your buddy Pokemon Berries to earn buddy hearts and make it join your adventure.

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Every Berry in Pokemon GO

There are 5 different types of Berries in Pokemon GO:

  • Razz Berries
  • Golden Razz Berries
  • Nanab Berries
  • Pinap Berries
  • Silver Pinap Berries

Each of these Berries has a unique effect and they can be found in different ways.

Razz Berry

Pokemon GO Razz Berry

Razz Berry Catch Rate

Feeding a Pokemon a Razz Berry makes it 1.5x as likely for you to catch the Pokemon. This makes Razz Berries great to use if you’re trying to catch hard-to-get Pokemon.

Where to Get Razz Berries in Pokemon GO

Any player who is level 8 or higher can get Razz Berries by spinning PokeStops and Gyms or by leveling up. They can also be rewards for completing Research.

Golden Razz Berry

Pokemon GO Golden Razz Berry

Golden Razz Catch Rate & Effects

When fed to a Pokemon, Golden Razz Berries greatly increase the chance of you catching it. Using this Berry makes it 2.5x more likely for you to catch the Pokemon you feed it to.

Additionally, feeding a Golden Razz Berry to a Pokemon in a Gym will fill up its Motivation Meter.

Just make sure to use it on one of the top 10 Gym defenders in Pokemon GO to get the most out of your Golden Razz Berry.

Where to Get Golden Razz Berries in Pokemon GO

Golden Razz Berries are given for beating Raid Battles and can also be rewards for completing some Research tasks. This makes them quite hard to find.

Nanab Berry

Pokemon GO Nanab Berry

What Do Nanab Berries Do?

Nanab Berries stop Pokemon from moving around while you are trying to catch them. This means you’ll want to feed a Nanab berry to fast-moving Pokemon like Zubat or Magnemite.

Where to Get Nanab Berries in Pokemon GO

After trainers reach level 4, they can get Nanab Berries by spinning Gyms and PokeStops, completing some Research tasks, or leveling up.

Pinap Berry

Pinap Berry Pokemon GO

What Do Pinap Berries Do?

Pinap Berries double the amount of Candy you get for catching Pokemon. This is just one of the ways you can increase how much Candy you earn in Pokemon GO!

Where to Get Pinap Berries in Pokemon GO

You need to be level 18 to get Pinap Berries in Pokemon GO. You can find them in the same way as the other common Berries – by spinning Gyms and PokeStops, leveling up, and completing Research.

Silver Pinap Berry

Silver Pinap Berry Pokemon GO

What Do Silver Pinap Berries Do?

Silver Pinap Berries multiply how much Candy you get for catching a Pokemon by 2.333x and make it 1.8x more likely for you to catch the Pokemon you feed it to. This makes it the best Berry to feed to Legendary Pokemon.

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Where to Get Silver Pinap Berries in Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO players can get Silver Pinap Berries by beating Mega Raids, competing in the GO Battle League, and finishing some Research Tasks. Like Golden Razz Berries, they are quite rare.

Pokemon GO Berry Chart

Berry:RazzGolden RazzNanabPinapSilver Pinap
Catch Rate1.5x2.5xN/AN/A1.8x
Other BenefitsN/AN/AStop Pokemon dodging / deflectingDouble Candy2.333x Candy
Gym MotivationStandard BoostCompletely Fills1.25% more than Razz & PinapStandard Boost2x Razz & Pinap
PokeStopsYes (Lvl. 8+)Yes (If identified as interesting by Ultra Buddy)Yes (Lvl. 4+)Yes (Lvl. 18+)Yes (If identified as interesting by Ultra Buddy)
GymsYes (Lvl. 8+)N/AYes (Lvl. 4+)Yes (Lvl. 18+)N/A
Field ResearchYesYesYesYesYes
Raid BattlesN/AYes (Lvl. 5+)N/AN/AYes (Mega)
Special ResearchN/AYesN/AYesYes
Also Obtained ByLevelling upN/ALevelling upOpening Gift (Lvl. 18+) & Levelling UpWeekly Adventure Sync, GO Battle League
Date AddedJul. 6, 2016Jun. 22, 2017Feb. 16, 2017Feb. 16, 2017Jul. 23, 2018

*All berries last until Pokemon breaks out of a thrown Poke Ball.

Berry infographic for Pokemon GO

Now that you know everything about Berries which you can use to help catch Pokemon, you might want to know more about shinies. Check out our Pokemon GO shiny odds guide to find out the chances of catching every shiny Pokemon.

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