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Pokemon GO Tyrunt & Amaura Low Spawn Rates Leads to Complaints

Pokemon GO’s Ultra Unlock Limited Research Day is kicking off, but players are complaining about Tyrunt and Amaura spawn rates.

If you’re a regular Pokemon GO player, chances are you’ve been looking forward to today’s event. The Ultra Unlock Limited Research Day is the grand finale for Adventure Week and it offers some decent rewards.

Most notably, players are able to get their hands on Tyrunt and Amaura, as well as boosted shiny odds for Cranidos and Shieldon. But all isn’t going smoothly during today’s event so far.

Pokemon GO Adventure Week Tyrunt & Amaura

That’s hardly a surprise, however. In fact, fans are already complaining about the Pokemon GO Community Day for June – and that’s still a while away.

Here’s everything you need to know about Pokemon GO’s Ultra Unlock Limited Research Day, from spawns, to challenges!

Pokemon GO Players Report Low Spawns for Ultra Unlock Limited Research Day

Many players are trying their best to enjoy today’s Ultra Unlock event, but fans are reporting low spawn rates for both Tyrunt and Amaura.

One of the biggest incentives of today’s event is that Tyrunt and Amaura should be common in the wild.

From 11 AM – 12 PM, and 1 PM – 2 PM, Amaura is meant to be available to catch.

Meanwhile, between 12 PM -1 PM, and 2 PM -3 PM, Tyrunt spawns are supposedly getting a boost.

But despite this event making it easier to encounter the rare fossil Pokemon, players don’t think it’s easy enough.

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Pokemon GO Ultra Unlock Limited Research Day

“Two hours of lure module and incense and not a single Amaura nor Tyrunt,” Reddit user likevel writes, an occurrence that it seems many fans are also reporting.

What doesn’t help matters is that Pokemon GO players report that incense is useless after its nerf. And the once-useful item is now almost pointless when it comes to boosting spawns, particularly if you can’t move.

Today’s event might be taking place on a Sunday, but it’s also extremely limited, taking place from 11 AM – 3 PM. Those with other obligations are struggling to find time to play, which is a big issue for Community Days too.

At least we have the upcoming Pokemon TCG Crossover Event kicking off very soon. We can only hope the spawns are better, as there’s a brand-new powerful Pokemon making its debut!

But do you have the 10 rarest Pokemon in Pokemon GO? We’ve put together a list for the superfans among you.

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