The Pokemon GO Twinkling Fantasy event has brought some new Field Research Tasks – and finishing them gives some great reward encounters!

While catching Pokemon is obviously the focus of Pokemon GO, completing Research is a considerable part of the game too! This includes everything from the long, multi-step Research Stories to the quick and simple Field Research Tasks.

However, just because they are simple, it doesn’t mean that Field Research isn’t rewarding. In fact, completing the new Field Research Tasks in the Pokemon GO Twinkling Fantasy event is certainly worth it as it could give you a Goomy encounter!

But before you find out about the new Tasks and their rewards, here’s everything you need to know about Field Research in Pokemon GO!

Pokemon GO Twinkling Fantasy Event

All Field Research Tasks & Rewards in the Pokemon GO Twinkling Fantasy Event

There are six different limited-time Field Research Tasks that players can pick up by spinning PokeStops during the Twinkling Fantasy event.

Each Task has a corresponding Pokemon encounter reward for completing it, which is either Dedenne, Bagon, Dratini, Clefiary, or even Goomy!

These are all of the Field Research Tasks and the reward encounters:

Field Research TaskRewardImageCan it be Shiny?
Catch 5 PokemonDedenneDedenne Pokemon GOYes
Catch 5 Fairy-type PokemonBagonBagon Pokemon GOYes
Catch 30 PokemonGoomyGoomy Pokemon GONo
Make 2 Nice ThrowsDratiniDratini Pokemon GOYes
Make 3 Great ThrowsClefairyClefairy Pokemon GOYes
Win 3 RaidsGoomyGoomy Pokemon GONo

If you want to make space for a particular Task, find out how to delete Field Research Tasks.

Meanwhile, if it’s help making different kinds of throws you need, we have you covered. Here’s the easiest way to make Nice, Great and Excellent Throws in Pokemon GO!

Also, check out all of the Raid bosses during the Twinkling Fantasy event. You’ll need to defeat a few of them if you want to catch Goomy!

Now that you know all of the Field Research Tasks, you may want to finish the new Collection Challenge too. Here’s how to complete the Pokemon GO Twinkling Fantasy Collection Challenge and every reward!

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