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Pokemon GO Trick To Catch Weepinbell For Sustainability Week Collection Challenge

There’s not much time left to complete the Pokemon GO Sustainability Week Collection Challenge but players have found a trick to catch Weepinbell!

Pokemon GO players have been treated to a load of in-game events over the past few weeks, although not all of them have gone down so well.

Fans loved the Stufful Community Day as well as the Spring into Spring event. However, Sustainability Week hasn’t been a hit with players.

Even if Sustainability Week introduced Oranguru and added timed Special Research, the Collection Challenge has been extremely difficult to complete for many trainers.

Luckily, fans have found an easy way to catch one of the elusive Pokemon. Use this trick to easily catch Weepinbell in Pokemon GO and tick them off the Sustainability Week Collection Challenge checklist!

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Pokemon Weepinbell

How to Catch Weepinbell For Pokemon GO Sustainability Week Collection Challenge 2022

Many players can’t catch Weepinbell or Gloom in the Sustainability Week Collection Challenge. However, a new trick lets you check off Weepinbell with a much easier method!

While you can only encounter Weepinbell and Gloom from Mossy Lures at the moment, there is actually another way to catch Weepinbell at least.

Team Rocket boss Giovanni recently returned in the All-Hands Rocket Retreat event. And the decoys he sends out are key for this easy method to catch Weepinbell!

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Pokemon GO Giovanni

How to Catch Weepinbell Without a Mossy Lure

Here’s how you can catch Weepinbell and complete the Pokemon GO Sustainability Week Collection Challenge without a Mossy Lure:

  • First, you need to get a Super Rocket Radar.
  • You can get a Super Rocket Radar by completing the Silent Schemes Special Research up to 4/6 if you don’t already have one.
  • Next, use your Super Rocket Radar to find some Decoy Grunts. If you find Giovanni exit and do not fight him!
  • Defeating a Decoy Grunt can give you the chance of catching a Shadow Weepinbell.
  • Catching this Shadow Weepinbell counts towards your Pokemon GO Sustainability Week Collection Challenge!

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And that’s how you can easily get a Weepinbell without using a Mossy Lure! Good luck catching Weepinbell and completing the Pokemon GO Sustainability Week Collection Challenge!

Also, there are even more exciting events coming soon. A Pokemon GO leak has revealed a ‘Furret Walk’ Challenge and an upcoming in-game event!

What’s more, a Pokemon GO daily box trick is giving out extremely rare items! This can include rare candy and raid passes as well as poffins!


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