The next season of Pokemon GO has finally been unveiled – here’s when Timeless Travels will begin, alongside a handy countdown so you know exactly when it starts!

The Timeless Travels season of Pokemon GO is taking players back into the past of the Sinnoh region. This is the setting of Pokemon Legends: Arceus.

While plenty of Hisuian Pokemon have already come to the game, this season will introduce the regional variants of Samurott, Typhlosion, and Decidueye, alongside plenty more Pokemon from the Hisui region.

While we don’t exactly know when all of these Pokemon will arrive yet, we do know when this season will begin. Here’s a countdown for the start date and end date of the Timeless Travels season of Pokemon GO!

Timeless Travels Start Date

The Timeless Travels season of Pokemon GO begins at 10 AM local time on December 1, 2023.

Timeless Travels starts in .

Pokemon GO Timeless Travels

Timeless Travels End Date

The Timeless Travels season of Pokemon GO ends at 10 AM local time on March 1, 2023.

Timeless Travels ends in .

Like all seasons in Pokemon GO, Timeless Travels will last 3 months. This gives players plenty of time to complete the seasonal Research and catch or hatch all of the available Pokemon!

Pokemon GO Hisuian Samurott Raid Day

What is Coming to Pokemon GO in Timeless Travels?

The exciting new content coming to Pokemon GO in the Timeless Travels season includes:

  • Hisuian versions of Samurott, Typhlosion, and Decidueye in Raid Day events
  • Wyrdeer’s Pokemon GO debut
  • December 2023 Community Day event with all of the featured Community Day Pokemon from this year
  • 2023 Winter Holiday event
  • Updated wild spawns
  • Updated Egg hatches
  • A new GO Battle League schedule and rewards

Below, you can see the official trailer for the Timeless Travels season of Pokemon GO. This will give you a glimpse of everything coming this season!

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