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Pokemon GO: The Best Time to Catch Ditto is Spinarak Spotlight Hour

While Spinarak might be the focus of the next Pokemon GO Spotlight Hour, it will also be the best time to catch a Ditto in Pokemon GO!

Pokemon GO Spotlight Hours usually put all of the focus on one particular Pokemon. However, the upcoming Spinarak Spotlight Hour is a little different.

Of course, Spinarak is still the main focus but players are also excited about the event thanks to another Pokemon, Ditto.

Here’s why this particular Spotlight Hour will be your best chance of catching Ditto in Pokemon GO!

But first, find out everything you need to know about Spinarak Spotlight Hour.

Pokemon GO Ditto

Pokemon GO Spinarak Spotlight Hour Will Have Loads of Ditto Spawns

Ditto is one of the toughest creatures to find in Pokemon GO as it disguises itself as other Pokemon. Luckily, one of the June 2022 Ditto disguises is featured in the next Spotlight Hour!

The Pokemon GO TCG Crossover event has added brand-new Ditto disguises and Spinarak is one of them. This means that during Spinarak Spotlight Hour, it will be way easier to catch a Ditto and finally complete the 2022 Pokemon GO April Fools Quest.

As every Spinarak has a chance of being a disguised Ditto, players taking part in Spinarak Spotlight Hour will likely catch one of the ‘Transform Pokemon’.

Just make sure you know the top tips for catching Ditto in Pokemon GO first!

Spinarak Pokemon GO Spotlight Hour

Good luck finding a Ditto during Pokemon GO Spinarak Spotlight Hour. Dittos are already spawning way more often during the TCG event but playing during this hour will make catching Dittos much easier!

If you’re really lucky, you might even catch a shiny Ditto in Pokemon GO too!

In other news, the following Pokemon GO Spotlight hour will feature a costumed Pikachu! This is great news for players who want to complete the TCG event Collection Challenges.

What’s more, a massive leak has revealed over 50 upcoming Pokemon in Pokemon GO. Let’s hope to see all of these in-game soon.

In addition to this leak, another Pokemon GO datamine has revealed a new Rotom form. Finally, this Pokemon will be returning!

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