These are all of the wild Steel-type Pokemon that will be spawning in the wild during the Pokemon GO Test your Mettle Event!

A new Pokemon GO event means a new selection of Pokemon that you can find when you are out adventuring. And, of course, they are all related to the event’s theme, Steel-type Pokemon!

The Test Your Mettle event is adding loads of content to Pokemon GO and while players are out and about completing the Timed Research or taking part in Raids, they will also be able to find a number of Steel-type Pokemon in the wild.

This includes the brand-new Pokemon Togedemaru, which is making its debut during the event!

Wild Togedemaru Pokemon GO

Here is every Pokemon that you will be able to encounter in the wild during the Test Your Mettle Event. These will be in the wild for the whole duration of the event, from 10 AM local time on September 16 to 8 PM local time on September 21.

But before you set out to catch Pokemon in the wild, read our Pokemon GO shiny odds guide. This will tell you the exact chances of catching the ultra-rare shiny variants of Pokemon!

Every Wild Pokemon Encounter in the Pokemon GO Test Your Mettle Event

You will be able to find 11 different Steel-type Pokemon in the wild during the event. They are:

PokemonImageCan it be Shiny?
MagnemiteMagnemite Pokemon GOYes
PinecoPokemon GO Pineco TableYes
NosepassNosepass Pokemon GOYes
AronAron Pokemon GOYes
BeldumPokemon GO BeldumYes
BronzorBronzor Pokemon GOYes
DrilburDrilbur Pokemon GONo
FerroseedFerroseed Pokemon GOYes
TogedemaruTogedemaru Pokemon GONo
PrinplupPrinplup Pokemon GONo
Galarian StunfiskPokemon GO Galarian StunfiskYes

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Of course, the highlight of the wild spawns is the new Pokemon Togedemaru. However there a quite a few other hard-to-find ‘Mon spawning in the wild that you’ll want to catch too!

Also, finding Togedemaru in the wild isn’t the only way to find this new Pokemon. You can also catch Togedemaru by completing Research or battling in Raids!

What’s more, if you are out catching Pokemon, you’ll want to earn as much Candy as you can. Here’s how to earn Candy faster in Pokemon GO!

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