The new Pokemon GO Test Your Mettle event has added plenty of Field Research Tasks for players to do – here’s what they are and the great rewards you’ll get for completing them!

Completing Research is one of the most enjoyable activities in Pokemon GO. Even the small Field Research Tasks can give some great rewards!

This is especially the case during the Pokemon GO Test Your Mettle event as the new limited-time Field Research Tasks are even more rewarding than usual.

To get some Field Research Tasks, all you have to do is spin a PokeStop. The event ones are only available for a limited time though, so you’ll have to spin one from September 16-21!

Pokemon GO Test Your Mettle Event

Here are all of the different Test Your Mettle event Field Research Tasks as well as the rewards you’ll get for completing them!

Before you spin some PokeStops, find out all of the wild Pokemon spawns in the Test Your Mettle event!

All Field Research Tasks & Pokemon Encounter Rewards in the Test Your Mettle Event

There are a number of exclusive Field Research Tasks in the Test Your Mettle event and each one has a Pokemon encounter or Mega Energy as a reward:

Field Research TaskRewardImageCan it be Shiny?
Catch 5 PokemonMagnemiteMagnemite Pokemon GOYes
Catch 5 PokemonNosepassNosepass Pokemon GOYes
Catch 5 PokemonFerroseedFerroseed Pokemon GOYes
Catch 10 PokemonDrilburDrilbur Pokemon GONo
Catch 10 PokemonPinecoPokemon GO Pineco TableYes
Catch 15 PokemonBeldumPokemon GO BeldumYes
Power up 5 Steel-type Pokemon TogedemaruTogedemaru Pokemon GONo
Evolve 2 Steel-type PokemonSteelix Mega EnergySteelix Mega Energy Pokemon GON/A
Evolve 2 Steel-type PokemonScizor Mega EnergyScizor Mega Energy Pokemon GON/A

This isn’t the only method of the new Pokemon, Togedemaru, either. Here’s every way to catch Togedemaru in Pokemon GO so you can add this new Pokemon to your Pokedex!

Also, with so many Pokemon as Field Research rewards, you’ll want to evolve as many of them as you can. Find out how to earn more Candy in Pokemon GO so you can evolve them faster!

Also, don’t miss out on all of the Raid bosses in the Test Your Mettle event too! This includes two brand-new Ultra Beasts, Kartana and Celesteela who have just arrived in the game!

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