The Pokemon GO Team Building: Great League Research has 3 different paths to choose from, each with different Pokemon encounters as rewards. Here is the best one to choose!

Pokemon trainers want to have the most powerful Pokemon to battle with and the new World Championships event in Pokemon GO will give players plenty of chances to catch powerful Pokemon for battling.

All of the wild Pokemon spawns as well as the Field Research rewards in the World Championships event are powerful Pokemon for battling. Plus, completing the Team Building: Great League Timed Research rewards players with one of three different battle teams of Pokemon.

However, it might be difficult to pick which path on the Team Building: Great League Research you want to complete. That’s why we’ve presented the rewards to you as well as which path we recommend for you!

But first, here’s how to get a Twitch Drop for the Pokemon GO Team Building Research. The only way of getting this Timed Research is via a Twitch drop!

Pokemon GO Battle

Pokemon GO World Championships Event – All Paths in the Team Building: Great League Research

Once you reach step 2 of the Team Building: Great League Research, there are the 3 different paths to pick from – Galarian Stunfisk, Drapion, and Jellicent.

Each of these paths rewards players with encounters with different Pokemon so you’ll want to pick the right one.

These are the encounters on each path of the Team Building: Great League Research:

PathPokemonPokemon Images
Galarian Stunfisk
  • Ariados
  • Pelipper
  • Galarian Stunfisk
Pokemon GO Team Building Team 1
  • Skarmory
  • Swampert
  • Drapion
Pokemon GO Team Building Team 2
  • Talonflame
  • Venusaur
  • Jellicent
Pokemon GO Team Building Team 3

All of these Pokemon teams seem to be good options, but one of these choices stands out!

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Best Path to Choose in the Pokemon GO Team Building: Great League Research – Galarian Stunfisk, Drapion or Jellicent

The best path to choose for the Team Building: Great League Research in Pokemon GO is the Drapion Path which also includes encounters with Skarmory and Swampert.

Follow our guide on how to complete the Team Building: Great League Research to make sure you get all of the encounters and rewards!

While every path is a good option, a couple of things that make the Drapion stand out to us. Firstly, the Drapion battle team is probably the strongest for the Great League.

Additionally, the Pokemon in this team are also rarer than the other options. Again, this makes the Drapion path our favorite.

Pokemon GO Team Building Team 2

Despite this, all of the options are good ones so you can’t lose. If the Galarian Stunfisk or Jellicent path has a particular Pokemon you’re after, those are the best options for you!

Once you’ve completed this, find out how to complete the other Pokemon GO World Championships 2022 Timed Research!

There’s also plenty more for players to do in the Pokemon World Championships event. As well as all of the new Field Research Tasks during the World Championships event there are also loads of great Pokemon in Raids right now!

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