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Pokemon GO: TCG Hat Pikachu Spotlight Hour Date & Is There A Shiny?

Here’s everything you need to know about the Pokemon GO TCG Hat Pikachu Spotlight Hour, including if you can catch a shiny version of this costumed Pikachu!

Spotlight Hours are the highlight of every Pokemon GO player’s week. Putting the focus on one particular Pokemon for an hour every week, they are the best opportunity to catch, evolve, and find a perfect version of the spotlighted ‘Mon.

The final Spotlight Hour of June 2022 highlights the brand-new costumed version of Pikachu. This TCG hat-wearing Pikachu is only available during the huge Pokemon GO TCG Crossover event.

Luckily for players who haven’t managed to catch one yet or still need one to complete the TCG Collection Challenges, this Spotlight Hour almost guarantees that you’ll catch one.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Pokemon GO TCG Hat Pikachu Spotlight Hour!

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Pokemon GO TCG Crossover Event Start Date, New Pokemon & More

Pokemon GO TCG Hat Costumed Pikachu Spotlight Hour Date & Time – June 28

The Pokemon GO TCG Hat Pikachu Spotlight Hour is on June 28. Like all Spotlight Hours, it will begin at 6 PM local time and last one hour, ending at 7 PM.

The costumed TCG Hat Pikachu will be spawning much more often during this hour.

This costumed Pikachu is required for the new and updated Pokemon GO TCG Event Collection Challenges so make sure to take part if haven’t completed them yet!

Additionally, the bonus for this Spotlight Hour is double Stardust for catching Pokemon. This is a nice bonus for anyone taking part.

However, the main question players are asking is whether there will be a shiny TCG Hat Pikachu during the event!

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Can Costumed TCG Hat Pikachu Be Shiny in Pokemon GO?

This limited-time costumed Pikachu is also available as a shiny. However, of course, it’ll be a pretty rare catch.

Like the normal shiny Pikachu, this Pikachu with the TCG hat is a slightly darker shade of yellow. It’s a subtle change, but still, one that any Pokemon trainer would want for their collection.

Speaking of shinies, make sure you know how to catch shiny Meltan in Pokemon GO while you still can!

Pokemon GO Shiny TCG Pikachu

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