To beat Tapu Lele in Pokemon GO Raids, you will want to have at least five high-level trainers battling it. What’s more, those trainers should all be using strong counters to beat Tapu Lele.

However, it is certainly possible to win a Tapu Lele with four trainers – you may be a bit tight on time, though!

To ensure your victory, make sure you know the top tips to win Pokemon GO Raids!

What Type is Tapu Lele?

Tapu Lele is a Psychic/Fairy-type Legendary Pokemon. This means it has just three weaknesses and three resistances that you have to consider when battling it.

However, two of these resistances are double resistances!

Tapu Lele Pokemon GO Valentine's Day

Tapu Lele Weaknesses

Tapu Lele has the following weaknesses in Pokemon GO

  • Ghost
  • Poison
  • Steel

Attacks of these types deal 160% damage to Tapu Lele. Therefore, when battling in a Tapu Lele Raid, you will want to use Pokemon with Ghost, Poison, and Steel-type attacks!

Find out the most powerful Pokemon of each of the types that Tapu Lele is weak to:

Tapu Lele Resistances

Tapu Lele resists attacks of the following types:

  • Dragon (Double Resistance)
  • Fighting (Double Resistance)
  • Psychic

Psychic attacks deal 63% damage to Tapu Lele in Pokemon GO, while Dragon and Fighting type-attacks deal just 39% damage!

Tapu Lele Pokemon GO Pokedex

Best Pokemon to Counter Tapu Lele in Raids

The best Pokemon to counter Tapu Lele in Pokemon GO Raids include Metagross, Origin Forme Giratina, Nihilego, and Hoopa.

Additionally, if you want even more firepower, then you can use Mega Pokemon that counter it, such as Mega Gengar, Mega Banette, and Mega Beedrill!

These are the top 10 Pokemon to use against Tapu Lele and their strongest attacks:

PokemonImageFast AttackCharged Attack
Mega GengarPokemon GO Mega GengarLickShadow Ball
Mega BanetteMega Banette Pokemon GOShadow ClawShadow Ball
Mega BeedrillPokemon GO Mega BeedrillPoison JabSludge Bomb
MetagrossMetagross Pokemon GOBullet PunchMeteor Mash
Giratina (Origin Forme)Giratina Pokemon GO (Origin)Shadow ClawShadow Force
NihilegoNihilego Pokemon GOPoison JabSludge Bomb
Hoopa (Unbound)Hoopa Pokemon GO (Unbound)AstonishShadow Ball
ChandelureChandelure Pokemon GOHexShadow Ball
DarkraiDarkrai Pokemon GOSnarlShadow Ball
Dialga Dialga Pokemon GOMetal ClawIron Head

Before you battle Tapu Lele in Pokemon GO, you’ll want to power up your Pokemon. So you can do this, find out the fastest ways to earn Candy in Pokemon GO!

Tapu Lele Raid Pokemon GO

When is Tapu Lele in Pokemon GO Raids?

Tapu Lele is in Pokemon GO Raids from February 8 to February 13, 2023, as part of the Pokemon GO Valentine’s Day event.

This event is the first time that shiny Tapu Lele is available for players to catch in Pokemon GO!

Tapu Lele is just one of the dozens of Legendary Pokemon in Pokemon GO. You’ll need to catch ’em all if you want to complete the Pokedex!

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