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Pokemon GO: When Does Tapu Fini Come To Raids – Release Date

Tapu Fini is finally coming to raids! Find out its release date here!

Pokemon GO fans have been treated to lots of exciting updates! The May content update has brought lots of exciting events, including the Air Adventures Event which is packed with new features!

One announcement that’s caught lots of players’ eyes is the arrival of Tapu Fini. This powerful legendary Pokemon is the final of the four Tapu Pokemon to be added to the game!

Ever since the powerful Tapu Bulu was added to the game, trainers have wondered when this Water/Fairy-type creature would be added. We can finally tell you when this popular legendary is going to be available in raids!

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Tapu Fini Legendary Raid Release Date

As the fourth and final Tapu Pokemon, Tapu Fini has been highly anticipated for a long time. As a result, lots of trainers have wondered when it would be finally added to Pokemon GO.

The release date was finally announced on April 29 as part of the huge May content update. While the Mega Latias and Mega Latios release date caught most peoples attention, we’re happy to announce that Tapu Fini finally has a release date, too!

Tapu Fini is arriving in raids on May 10. It will be available until May 25, giving players two weeks to catch this powerful ‘Mon!

Don’t worry if you miss your chance to catch Tapu Fini. Niantic have also confirmed there will be a raid hour at some point between May 25 and June 1, giving players one more chance to catch it!

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Pokemon GO’s Season of Alola has brought lots of exciting new events and Pokemon. Tapu Fini is one of my favorite legendary Pokemon, so I can’t wait to finally catch it!

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