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Pokemon GO Stuck Loading Bar Glitch Stops Players From Logging in

Pokemon GO players are complaining about an annoying stuck loading bar glitch that is stopping them from getting into the game!

Pokemon GO has got some pretty exciting updates recently. However, it’s not just welcome changes and additions that have come with the updates.

While players love the huge changes to Mega Evolutions in Pokemon GO and the long-awaited addition of Mega Legendary Raids to the game, not all fans are happy with the state of the game right now.

There are a number of issues with Pokemon GO at the moment and one of the most frustrating is a stuck loading bar glitch that stops players from even getting into the game!

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Pokemon GO Croagunk

Pokemon GO Players Can’t Log In – Stuck Loading Bar Glitch

Pokemon GO has a number of issues at the moment. Whether it is new changes making the game “impossible” for disabled players or the Mega Legendary Raids needing major reworks, everyone seems to have a problem with the game right now.

However, it isn’t just design choices that are frustrating players. Glitches have also been making Pokemon GO more frustrating than it should be.

A popular new post on the TheSilphRoad subreddit complains about the loading bar in Pokemon GO getting stuck and not letting players in the game.

This is a very common issue as plenty of players on iOS and Android experience the bar getting stuck at around 80%, stopping them from logging in. It has been a problem for months now and recent updates seem to have made it even worse.

But is there a way to stop this glitch and log in to Pokemon GO easily?

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Pokemon GO Bulbasaur Buddy Adventure

Can You Fix Pokemon GO Not Loading?

Unfortunately, there is very little that can be done to get Pokemon GO to load. The only real method to open the game is by closing the app and opening it again.

If this doesn’t work, then just open and close the app repeatedly until it logs you in. It’s not ideal but the game should log you in eventually.

Hopefully, Niantic fixes the stuck loading bar glitch in a future update as nobody likes having to open and close Pokemon GO over and over again just to play!

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Comments 4



Sunday 8th of May 2022

I have been having a loading issue since around the time they changed the incense. If I start loading on my home wifi, then just before it gets stuck switch to my data I can usually force it to continue. Or switch to an app like face book and scroll until it's running fairly smoothly and then try to load pokemon go.


Friday 6th of May 2022

You got to be kidding me!!!... Only months?.... Smh!...

It is always been and forever been this way ALL THE FREAKING TIME! They never ever fixed the freaking issue at all and the terrible horrible lag when we keep getting on CD A and other major events... ALL THE TIME!

So don't ever tell me it's only months man. Get real freaking Niantick! Keep getting our money and never ever fixed things at all.

Utterly and extremely annoying for the longest of time!


Friday 6th of May 2022

I am able to get past the loading screen by closing the Pokemon go app, pressing and holding on the app and opening app info and force closing the app. Then trying to open the app again that usually fixes it temporarily.

Brandon Senilé

Friday 6th of May 2022

I was unable to play the game for almost 2 years due to this issue. I finally found that if I logged out of my Google Fit, the app would load successfully almost every time.