If you’re having issues getting past the login screen in Pokemon GO, you’re not the only one. Here’s every fix we’ve found for the issue.

When it works, Pokemon GO is a fantastic mobile gaming experience. Niantic has come a long way from the rocky but viral launch back in 2016, that’s for sure.

Now, we’ve got (almost) 8 generations of Pokemon, Community Days, Legendary Raid Battles, and even more to come!

But for some players, the game is becoming steadily unplayable over time. It seems that those on Android are facing issues even getting past the Pokemon GO login screen.

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Pokemon GO Croagunk

Pokemon GO: How to Fix Stuck at Loading Screen Issue / Google Unable to Authenticate

If you’re unable to get into Pokemon GO, there are 3 potential solutions to resolve the ‘Google Unable to Authenticate’ issue.

As a disclaimer, there’s no workaround that seems to be 100% effective at getting players back into the mobile game. However, while we wait for Niantic to fix the Android version of the Pokemon AR title, here are some fixes that appear to be working for some fans.

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Pokemon GO Google Login Fixes

There are 3 simple fixes that can address the Google Unable to Authenticate Issue in Pokemon GO:

  1. Manually close Pokemon GO and reopen it.
    • Simply closing and opening Pokemon GO again may let you log in to the game.
  2. Disable Adventure Sync:
    • Adventure Sync can impacts performance in recent updates. Turning it off can help with logging in sometimes. Here’s how to do it:
    • Click the Pokeball and select “Settings” in the top right corner of the screen.
    • Untick the “Adventure Sync” option.
  3. Toggle Airplane Mode
    • Turn on Airplane Mode.
    • Close Pokemon GO.
    • Turn off Airplane Mode.
    • Re-open the Pokemon GO app.

Hopefully, these fixes will work for you, however, Niantic is bound to release an official solution for this issue in an upcoming update.

Unfortunately, logging in isn’t the only issue with the game right now. Niantic has made Remote Raid Passes much harder to get in Pokemon GO!

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