The Pokemon GO Starry Skies Special Research Story has two different paths to choose – Daytime Pokemon or Nighttime Pokemon. We’ve gone through the Research to tell you which of these paths is best to choose and why!

The best path in the Pokemon GO Starry Skies Research depends on when you play the game. If you play more during the day, choose Daytime; if you play more during the night, choose Nighttime.

This is because the rewards for both paths are exactly the same, including the much-requested second Cosmog encounter!

Which path you choose only changes the tasks and not the rewards you get. This means you can pick a path without any worry.

Pokemon GO Starry Skies Special Research Ticket

The tasks for the Daytime Path include catching Grass and Bug-type Pokemon, spinning PokeStops, and hatching Eggs. Meanwhile, the Nighttime Path requires catching Ghost or Dark-type Pokemon, completing Field Research, and winning Raids.

Of course, it is easier to find Grass and Bug-types during the day and Ghost and Dark-type Pokemon at night, but the rest of the tasks within this Special Research can be completed at any time.

If you still can’t decide which path to choose, here are all of the Tasks and rewards for Starry Skies Special Research!

Or, refer to the table below to see the differences in Tasks and choose whichever path you think will be easier.

Pokemon GO Cosmog

All Pokemon GO Starry Skies Path Differences – Daytime vs. Nighttime

Step 2 and 3 of the Pokemon GO Starry Skies Research have completely different tasks depending on what path you take, while Step 4 has one different task:

Research StepDaytime Path TaskNighttime Path Task
2Catch 20 Grass or Bug-type PokemonCatch 20 Ghost or Dark-type Pokemon
2Explore 10kmTake snapshots of 20 different wild Pokemon
2Spin 25 PokeStops or GymsUse 30 berries to help catch Pokemon
3Make 10 Curveball Throws in a row Make 5 Excellent Throws
3Catch 50 Pokemon with Weather BoostCatch 30 different species of Pokemon
3Earn 10 Candies walking with your BuddyComplete 15 Field Research Tasks
4Hatch 5 EggsWin 5 Raids

Once you’ve completed the Starry Skies Special Research, you’ll encounter Cosmog. Here’s how to evolve Cosmog into Solgaleo and Lunala Pokemon GO.

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