Here’s the complete guide to Spotlight Hours in Pokemon GO from what they are to the top tips on making the most from these events!

Pokemon GO has hundreds of different Pokemon in the game, but a regular event highlights one Pokemon in particular.

Spotlight Hours are the most regular in-game event and one that almost every player looks forward to. However, they aren’t quite as simple as they seem.

Whether you’re new to Pokemon GO or an experienced Pokemon trainer, this complete guide to Spotlight Hours should teach you more about the regular event and help you make the most of them!

Pokemon GO Mudkip Lake

What are Spotlight Hours in Pokemon GO?

Spotlight Hours in Pokemon GO are events that make one featured Pokemon spawn way more often.

For the duration of the event, the spawn rate of the featured Pokemon will be massively increased. This allows players to catch plenty of that particular Pokemon.

For example, if it is Joltik Spotlight Hour, then almost every wild encounter will be a Joltik.

Additionally, Spotlight Hours have a bonus that is active for all players during the event. Spotlight Hour bonuses can include double XP, Candy, or Stardust for completing actions such as catching, transferring, and evolving Pokemon.

Pokemon GO Spotlight Hours Graphic

Can You Catch a Shiny in Spotlight Hours?

Sometimes you can catch shiny Pokemon in Spotlight Hours but it depends on which Pokemon is featured in the event.

If the Pokemon already has a shiny form in the game, then you’ll be able to catch a shiny version of it in the Spotlight Hour. For instance, a Nidoran Spotlight Hour will have a shiny version available to catch.

However, if the Spotlight Hour features a newer addition to the game like Grubbin, you won’t be able to catch a shiny version. This is because Niantic has not added a shiny Grubbin to the game yet.

Find out the odds of catching a shiny in Spotlight Hours here.

Pokemon GO Shiny Female Nidoran

What Time Does Spotlight Hour Start in Pokemon GO?

Every Pokemon GO Spotlight Hour starts at 6 PM local time.

This means that no matter where you are in the world, these events will always begin at 6 PM. You do not need to take your timezone into account.

How Long are Spotlight Hours in Pokemon GO?

Spotlight Hours in Pokemon GO last 1 hour, or 60 minutes, as the name suggests.

Once the clock reaches 7 PM, the Spotlight Hour is over, so you better be quick! As soon as the Spotlight Hour ends, the Pokemon spawns go back to normal and Pokemon trainers can no longer benefit from the event bonus.

How Often Are Spotlight Hours?

Spotlight Hours take place on Tuesday every week. This is a weekly occurrence.

Even if there are other Pokemon GO events happening at the same time, Spotlight Hours will still take place on a Tuesday.

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Pokemon GO Daily Adventure Incense Porygon

Pokemon GO Spotlight Hour Tips

To make the most of Spotlight Hours in Pokemon GO, you’ll want to catch as many of the featured Pokemon as possible. Here are our top tips to help you do this:

  • Use Lures and Incense to attract Pokemon to your location.
  • Boost how much Candy you can earn by Mega Evolving a Pokemon of the same type as the featured Spotlight Hour Pokemon.
    • For example, if you Mega Evolve Blastoise, you will earn more Candy from catching Water-type Pokemon.
    • Here are all of the Mega Pokemon in Pokemon GO so you can see if you’ve got one you can Mega Evolve.
  • Use a Lucky Egg or Star Piece
    • These will boost your XP or Stardust earned.
  • Find out what the event bonus is ahead of time on the Pokemon GO website.
    • If you get extra rewards for transferring or evolving Pokemon during the hour, then make sure to save up Pokemon and wait for the Spotlight Hour to come around before you transfer or evolve them.
Pokemon GO Lucky Egg Star Piece

Now that you know everything there is about Spotlight Hours in Pokemon GO, you’re ready to make the most of the upcoming events!

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