The final Pokemon GO Spotlight Hour of November 2023 features the pig-like Lechonk.

The Lechonk Spotlight Hour event is taking place in Pokemon GO from 6 PM until 7 PM local time on Tuesday, November 28, 2023.

As the featured Pokemon, Lechonk will be spawning much more frequently during this event.

In addition to the increased Lechonk spawns, the shiny version of Lechonk is available to catch, and there is a great in-game bonus for trainers who want to level up quickly!

Can You Catch Shiny Lechonk in the November 28 Spotlight Hour?

Yes, you can catch the shiny version of Lechonk during the November 28, 2023, Spotlight Hour in Pokemon GO.

However, even if it is possible to find a shiny Lechonk, you’ll have to be very lucky to encounter one. This is because the odds of Lechonk being shiny are just 0.2%, meaning that just 1 in 500 Lechonk are shiny.

You can easily tell if Lechonk is shiny, as the shiny version is bright pink instead of black.

Normal and Shiny Lechonk Pokemon GO
Lechonk (left) and shiny Lechonk (right)

November 28 Spotlight Hour Bonus

The in-game bonus during the Lechonk Spotlight Hour on November 28 is 2x XP for catching Pokemon.

This means that you will get double the XP for each Pokemon you catch during this event, whether it is Lechonk or not.

You can boost how much XP you earn even further by using a Lucky Egg. This will double all of the XP you earn while it is active, on top of any other in-game bonuses!

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