This week’s Spotlight features the fan-favorite Pokemon Eevee and is taking place on March 7, 2023, from 6 PM to 7 PM local time.

For this hour, Eevee will be spawning much more often in the world, and there is also a very useful bonus that every Pokemon GO player can make the most of.

However, catching the shiny version of the featured Pokemon is the main draw of Spotlight Hours. But can you catch a shiny Eevee in Pokemon GO?

Also, to make the most of this weekly event, find out the top tips for Pokemon GO Spotlight Hours. These pointers will help you out no matter which Pokemon is featured!

Of course, this is also just the first Spotlight Hour of the month. However, the March 2023 Pokemon GO Spotlight Hour schedule reveals that some even more exciting Pokemon will be featured in the coming weeks!

Catch Eevee Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO March 7 Eevee Spotlight Hour Bonus

The in-game bonus that will be active during the March 7 Spotlight Hour is 2x Candy for transferring Pokemon!

Therefore, if you wait until the Spotlight Hour to clear out your Pokemon Storage, you can earn double the Candy!

Just make sure you know every way to boost how much Candy you earn in Pokemon GO. These tips will further increase your Candy collecting during this event!

In addition to all of the Eevee you can catch during the Spotlight Hour, you’ll also be able to battle the Legendary Pokemon Tornadus. Transferring one during the Spotlight Hour will also give you 2x the Tornadus Candy that it usually would!

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