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Pokemon GO Spinarak Spotlight Hour: Time & is There Shiny Spinarak?

The third Pokemon GO Spotlight Hour of June 2022 puts the focus on Spinarak. Here’s everything you need to know about the event, including if you can find a shiny version of this ‘Mon!

Taking place every week, Pokemon GO’s Spotlight Hours give players something to look forward to every 7 days.

Not only do Spotlight Hours give players the chance to catch plenty of the highlighted Pokemon, thanks to increased spawns, but they are also the perfect opportunity to catch a shiny version of the Pokemon.

Additionally, there is also a global bonus so that every trainer can benefit from the Spotlight Hour too!

Here’s everything you need to know about Spinarak Spotlight Hour including whether you can find a shiny version of the Pokemon!

But first, find out the full Pokemon GO Spotlight Hour Schedule for June 2022!

Spinarak Pokemon GO Spotlight Hour

Pokemon GO Spinarak Spotlight Hour Date & Time – June 21

Spinarak Spotlight Hour will be happening in Pokemon GO on June 21 at 6 PM local time. Of course, it will last an hour and conclude at 7 PM.

During this hour, Spinarak will spawn way more often. This is perfect for players who want to evolve their Spinarak into Ariados or catch a perfect version of the ‘Mon.

Plus, Spinarak Spotlight Hour is the perfect time to catch a Ditto!

Of course, there is also the bonus during the Spinarak Spotlight Hour too. Players will earn double the XP for evolving Pokemon during the Spotlight Hour.

This also makes it a great time to evolve the new Pokemon Wimpod into Golisopod!

However, the question that players are asking is whether Spinarak will be shiny during the Spotlight Hour.

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Can Spinarak Be Shiny in Pokemon GO?

There is a shiny version of Spinarak in Pokemon GO and you’ll be able to catch it during the June 21 Spotlight Hour.

Normal Spinarak is green while the shiny version of the Pokemon has a blue body with light purple legs. This will be your best chance to catch shiny Spinarak so make sure you catch as many of them as possible.

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Pokemon GO Shiny Spinarak

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