Pokemon GO events are often the best times to get your hands on shiny Pokemon, but many players were unable to find a special Skorupi during Incense Day.

Shiny-hunting is an intrinsic part of the Pokemon experience, regardless of which game you’re playing. Catching a shiny Pokemon in Pokemon GO is even more complicated than in mainline titles, as only certain creatures will spawn at particular times.

So when a shiny doesn’t spawn for them during special events, it can be particularly frustrating for hardcore fans.

Skorupi Incense Day Shiny Spawns Were Low, Players Report

Many members of the Pokemon GO community suggest that Skorupi’s shiny rate may not have been boosted during the recent Incense Day.

Although the event should have offered both increased chances of encountering Skorupi and boosted shiny odds, a vocal part of the game’s community suggests that the latter simply wasn’t true.

In fact, some players indicated that they struggled to find many Skorupi at all, let alone shiny variants, due to the spawns of other Bug & Poison-Type creatures.

While Niantic does not reveal shiny rates for Pokemon, predictions indicate that there was likely a 1 in 64 or 1 in 128 chance of a Skorupi being shiny during Incense Day.

byu/Noitalein from discussion

These are the usual boosted shiny rates, up from the standard 1 in 500 chance.

byu/Noitalein from discussion

Did Pokemon GO Forget to Boost Shiny Rates?

Although there’s only circumstantial evidence to suggest it might be the case, many players believe that Pokemon GO developer Niantic may have forgotten to boost shiny rates for Skorupi during the recent Incense Day.

We’re seeing countless reports of no shiny spawns for many players, and those with a shiny Skorupi only report one or two at most.

Skorupi in the Forest Pokemon GO

It’s always worth noting, though, that unhappy players are more likely to be the ones complaining online. It could be the case that users who encountered no issues simply aren’t commenting on the topic as frequently.

Of course, chance does play a big role when it comes to shiny hunting. You’re still rolling the dice with each spawn, even with boosted odds.

But it seems unlikely that so many users were unlucky this time around. We’ll update this article if Niantic comments on the event.

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