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Pokemon GO Shiny Pikachu Libre Goes For Huge Money on eBay

A Shiny Pikachu Libre for Pokemon GO has sold for a lot of money on eBay. Could you be holding onto something valuable?

Many of us have played Pokemon GO. While some may have got bored, others are still adamant about catching them all!

And while half of the fun is catching Pokemon, some prefer to collect rare and valuable Pokemon rather than catching them.

That’s what one player must have thought when they bought a Shiny Pikachu in a Luchador costume from another Pokemon GO player.

Rare Shiny Pikachu Goes For Hundreds of Dollars on eBay

An eBay seller sold a Shiny Pikachu Libre, best of Rank 24 on eBay for exactly $900, an insane amount of money for a Pikachu.

Pokemon Go Shiny Pikachu eBay listing

You’re guaranteed to encounter Pikachu Libre once you reach Rank 20 in the current season. However, Niantic has stated that the Shiny variant is currently not available.

It seems that the Shiny Pikachu has been listed on eBay for a while, with it only selling recently.

Unfortunately, we don’t know who ended up purchasing the expensive Shiny Pikachu.

It seems people purchase their wanted Pokemon from the seller. After that, the seller requests the buyer’s friend code and spoofs their location to trade.

It doesn’t need to be said that Spoofing and selling Pokemon from Pokemon GO is against Niantic’s Terms of Service. And, selling digital items is also against eBay’s TOS too.

Pokemon GO ‘All-Hands Rocket Retreat’ Arlo

So, before you go scrolling through your Pokemon, you should know that Niantic is permanently banning those who break their TOS!

There are also plenty of risks when buying digital items online, making it a risky way of spending your money.

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Friday 29th of April 2022

Cheat all you want, Niantic really doesn't care as long as the reported player(s) pay into the game regularly. I got stocked and almost run over by a guy for taking a set of gyms in the middle of the night, gave Niantic a full report, they didn't even bother to temporarily ban said player. This same player has been reported for similar things by multiple people in my little town, more times than can be counted.. it has honestly been that many times, but he pays into the game so they look the other way over and over and over again. He even admitted to Niantic the majority of his game play is done from inside his vehicle, and they just pretended he didn't say it. My town is small enough that you can't avoid seeing the same guy in every single gym in my town, every single day (because he thinks he's too good to play fairly and walk, and Niantic apparently agrees with that thought). He's killed the whole community in my town by cheating constantly, and Niantic couldn't care any less if you offered them money to care less. So seriously, cheat all you want, as long as you aren't on a social media platform while your doing it (removing Niantics ability to pretend it never happened), Niantic doesn't care just as long as you frequently put money into the game.