No, you cannot catch the shiny version of Passimian in Pokemon GO.

As Passimian only just made its Pokemon GO debut on August 11, 2023, the shiny version of it is not yet available in the game yet. This is because developer Niantic usually saves shiny versions of new Pokemon for a later date.

Even if you can’t get the shiny version of Passimian yet, you will still want to add this new Pokemon to your Pokedex. Here’s every way to catch Passimian in Pokemon GO, so you won’t miss out while it’s available to catch!

Pokemon GO Shiny Passimian Release Date

Developer Niantic has not yet announced the release date for shiny Passimian in Pokemon GO. Despite this, we can estimate when this shiny version will come to the game.

We expect to see shiny Passimian come to the game in Summer 2024, possibly during the 2024 GO Fest events. This is because Niantic usually waits for a year to release the shiny versions of new Pokemon.

2023 Pokemon GO World Championships

What Color is Shiny Passimian?

The shiny version of Passimian is very different to the standard version. It is a cream color with a brown tail, feet, and hands. Additionally, it has dark blue markings on its shoulders and tail, a light brown coconut helmet on its head, and holds another light brown coconut.

This is very different to the white and black standard version of Passimian, which has a light green coconut and coconut helmet.

Normal and Shiny Passimian Pokemon GO
Passimian (left) and shiny Passimian (right)
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