Yes, you can catch the shiny version of the Legendary Bird Moltres in Pokemon GO, although, like all shiny Legendaries, it is very hard to find.

While every Moltres you encounter in Pokemon GO has a low chance of being shiny, you must rely on luck to actually encounter one.

Catching a shiny Moltres may require winning dozens of Moltres Raids. Luckily, the Pokemon GO Moltres Raid Hour is the perfect time to win plenty of these battles!

How to Catch Shiny Moltres in Pokemon GO

To catch shiny Moltres in Pokemon GO, you must first win a Tier 5 Moltres Raid to encounter this Legendary Bird.

Then, you need to hope you are lucky and the Moltres you encounter is the shiny version.

Unfortunately, the odds of Moltres being shiny are very slim. This means you’ll have to keep winning Raids until you find the shiny version, and only then will you be able to catch it.

Catch Shiny Moltres Pokemon GO

What is the Moltres Shiny Rate?

The shiny rate for Moltres is 5% or 1 in 20, just like all of the Legendary Pokemon and Ultra Beasts in Pokemon GO.

Therefore, on average, you’ll need to encounter Moltres around 20 times before you encounter a shiny version.

What Color is Shiny Moltres?

The shiny version of Moltres is a pink color and has a dark orange beak and feet.

This drastic color change makes it appear very different from the standard Moltres. However, both versions have bright orange flames on their wings, tails, and tops of their heads.

Normal and Shiny Moltres Pokemon GO
Moltres (left) and shiny Moltres (right)
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