Yes, you can catch the shiny version of the Ice/Flying-type Legendary Bird Articuno in Pokemon GO.

Although, even if the shiny version is available to catch, encountering one is very rare, and there is nothing you can do to guarantee finding a shiny Articuno.

The best time to find a shiny Articuno is during the Pokemon GO Articuno Raid Hour. This is because the number of Articuno Raids taking place during this event will be greatly increased.

How to Catch Shiny Articuno in Pokemon GO

To catch shiny Articuno in Pokemon GO, you must first win a 5-Star Articuno Raid. Then, you will have to hope that you are lucky and the Articuno you encounter is the shiny version.

Unfortunately, the odds of Articuno being shiny are pretty low! Therefore, you should be prepared to battle Articuno plenty of times before you see the shiny variant.

Catch Shiny Articuno Pokemon GO

What is the Articuno Shiny Rate?

The shiny rate for Articuno in Pokemon GO is 5%, or 1 in 20.

These odds are exactly the same as all of the other Legendaries in the game and mean that, on average, you’ll need to encounter 20 Articuno before you find the shiny version.

What Color is Shiny Articuno?

The shiny version of Articuno is a very pale, icy blue. It also has a gray beak and feet and a white stomach.

This color swap from the standard Articuno’s blue makes this Legendary Bird have one of the coolest shinies in the game!

Normal and Shiny Articuno Pokemon GO
Articuno (left) and shiny Articuno (right)
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